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World Economic Forum: 81 percent of Danes feel the EU pays off for Denmark

NordenBladet – 81 percent of Danes feel the EU pays off for Denmark – the sixth highest approval rate among the 28 member nations. According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, the vast majority of Danes believe

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Young Norwegians with immigrant background receive less social assistance

NordenBladet – A recent report from Proba samfunnsanalyse confirms that young Norwegians with immigrant background benefit from social assistance less than ethnic Norwegian youths. While 1.2 per cent of this group receives social assistance, the figure is 1.6 per cent

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Norway to build world’s tallest timber building – Mjøstårnet

NordenBladet – “Mjøstårnet” will be more than 80 metres tall and stand 30 metres higher than what is today considered the world’s tallest timber building. “Mjøstårnet sets new standards for timber constructions. The building is the closest we come to

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Norway´s Prime Minister Erna Solberg will visit President Donald Trump in the White House on January 10th

NordenBladet – The White House confirms the visit in a press release. Solberg and Trump have encountered earlier during international meetings, but it will be the first proper meeting between Solberg and Trump. “The United States is important for Norway

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Four Norwegian musicians – Kygo, Alan Walker, Sigrid and Aurora – to Coachella Music Festival

NordenBladet – Sigrid, Kygo, Aurora and Alan Walker will take the stage in one of the biggest music festivals in the world, the Coachella in April. Coachella is considered one of the largest and most important music festivals in the

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Tourist influx triggers food-delivery boom in Finnish Lapland

NordenBladet – The busy tourist season is boosting food deliveries, with an international clientele demanding dishes familiar from home. The rapid growth of tourism in Finnish Lapland and the culinary tastes of international visitors have led to a spike in

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Esko Repo from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri): Finland raises asylum approval rate after court setbacks

NordenBladet –  Finland made positive decisions on 40 percent of all asylum applicants in 2017, up from 27 percent in 2016. According to preliminary figures from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), 40 percent of the processed applications for asylum last

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Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson: It’s important to prepare for the risk of hard Brexit

NordenBladet – We must be prepared for the risk of a hard Brexit, Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson has said. The Social Democrat minister was quizzed on a number of issues in an interview with Swedish news agency TT released

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Swedish streaming giant Spotify has discreetly filed to go public, according to multiple reports

NordenBladet – There has been speculation that the streaming firm will go public for some time but Spotify has largely chosen to keep quiet on the matter. On Wednesday both US website Axios and news agency Bloomberg reported that the

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EU supports Finnish development cooperation project in Nepal with EUR 20 million

NordenBladet —  The European Union has awarded EUR 20 million to a water resources management project implemented by Finland in Nepal. This is the first time the EU has granted support to a Finnish development cooperation project. The water resources management project

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Finland will increase its humanitarian aid for Yemen and the crises in Africa

NordenBladet — Finland will assist areas suffering from conflicts and drought in Yemen, Northeast Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia. “The focus in our aid decisions towards the end of the year is on crises where the need

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Norway becomes first Scandinavian country to decriminalise drugs

NordenBladet — Norway is to become the first Scandinavian country to decriminalise drugs as it focuses on treatment rather than punishment.  The majority of the Norwegian parliament, the Storting, backed the historic shift which was supported by the Conservatives (Hoyre),

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Vice President of International Finance Cooperation to present Finland’s Climate Fund in Helsinki and Vaasa

NordenBladet —  Nena Stoiljkovic, Vice President of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which belongs to the World Bank Group, will visit Helsinki and Vaasa from 14 to 15 December in order to present the Climate Fund (Finland-IFC Blended Finance for

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Anna Laine appointed as Press Officer in St Petersburg

NordenBladet — The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has appointed Anna Laine to serve as Press Officer at Finland’s Consulate General in St Petersburg starting on 29 January 2018. The post will be a fixed-term appointment ending on 7 January 2021.

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Foreign Minister Soini to Strasbourg

NordenBladet —  Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini will visit the European Parliament and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg from 12 to 13 December. During his visit to the European Parliament, Soini will meet President of the European Parliament

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Free Trade Agreement negotiations between the EU and Japan completed

NordenBladet —  The EU and Japan finalised their negotiations on a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement on 8 December 2017. The agreement is significant both economically and politically. Together the EU and Japan account for approximately a third of the world’s

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