Helena-Reet: Nobody is fascinating for others as long as he has nothing to give

Some days ago I talked to a friend who lives in California and she gladly said: “Helena-Reet, you can’t imagine what a cool site I found on the Internet. It’s possible to buy tickets to whatever A-list event that takes place in Hollywood and to the private parties of celebrities as well.

Well, I thought, what planet have you been living on. You can get anything for money, well, almost anything …  But why pay a huge amount of dollars for the possibililty to participate in a party where you are not welcomed by anybody and where you are not acquainted with anyone. I just can’t see the point. Of course, there are exceptions. Great events like the Grammy Awards, the Academy Awards Oscar Gala and other red carpet events which for me as a journalist are excellent sources for exclusive articles. But you don’t have to waste money on it! Just get yourself the presscard which is available for journalists. Free promotion of an event is every arranger happy about.

Speaking of the site my friend referred to, it always makes me wonder why so many people have a great desire to become a VIP. For “only” $2850 a year you can become a member of “The Inner Circle”, for $7500 you can become “The Executive” and for $18 500 you are “The VIP” who has access to the hottest parties and the greatest events on the most expensive yachts. Instead of investing money in yourself, your family or some future business project people create a phoney idea of their imaginary star status. I would like to say: dear people, the stars are human beings just like everyone else and they’ve got friends of their own. You will not be a member of “the inner circle”. By joining a VIP club you only waste money and pay the champagne bills of the real VIPs …

People who are really expected to a party or an event get their invitation early and the arrangers are keen on their participation. A new trend in Hollywood is that celebrities are devoted to other things than partying. They take care of their career, family and last but not least –  health. You’d rather meet one working out in the gym, jogging in the street or on the beach than at a dicotheque … A party is promoted by using the names of one or two stars and as a rule there are no more of them at the party either.

Crowds of people and public places are a celebrity’s greatest fear … I don’t know any star who wouldn’t feel or think this way. Visiting a public place is a job. Of course, there are people whose first priority is parties, drugs and alcohol – but most of them we see partying are promoters of an event or people advertizing some new product, movie or video. How does Hollywood enjoy itself? Don’t people ever have parties? Of course they do but at home in the garden or in a friend’s yard or enjoying a delicious dinner together with the loved ones a Friday night. It has also become popular with private wine bars, cigar bars and pubs where you’ve got to have a code in order to get in.

However, in case you’ve really got a burning desire to communicate with stars and become a VIP I suggest you become a journalist! Because journalists get in everywhere, they always have and they always will. Or even better – do what you are best at and put your heart into it and one day your work will be appreciated and people seek your company. Nobody becomes a star without loving himself and being passionate about his doings. Nobody is fascinating for others as long as he has nothing to give…


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