Summary of Today’s Terror Attacks Emanating from Gaza and IDF Activity

Following Thurday’s multi-pronged terror attack near the city of Eilat and the constant stream of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza in the last couple of days, the Israeli Air Force targeted attacking four terror sites in Gaza, destroying a weapons storage facility and two smuggling tunnels.

An overall total of more than 60 rockets were fired today from Gaza into major population centers in southern Israel. More than 500,000 Israelis were forced to spend the day in bomb shelters. Terrorists fired Qassam rockets, Grad missiles and mortar shells into the cities of Ashdod, Be’er Sheva, Sderot, Qiryat Gat, Qiryat Melachi and Ashkelon; as well as the Eshkol Regional Council. Since Thursday’s multi-pronged terror attack, terrorists in Gaza fired more than 90 rockets into Israel.

Five people were injured today, three severely. Today, the Israel Defense Forces used the Iron Dome to intercept several rockets. Following an increase in terror, IAF targeted a squad of terrorists in northern Gaza, shortly after they launched mortar shells at Israel.

Today, IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, held a briefing and visited the Iron Dome defense system, meeting its soldiers. The IDF also exposed weaponry found on the terrorists behind the multi-pronged terror attack.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak released a statement expressing regret for “the deaths of Egyptian policemen during the attacks on the Egyptian-Israeli border.” Barak ordered the IDF “to open an investigation,” which will examine Thursday’s incident “jointly with the Egyptian army.”

The Israel Defense Forces will not tolerate any attempts to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers and will respond with determination to any attempt to use terror against Israel. The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from Gaza.

One million Israelis are sleeping tonight under fire from Hamas.

Monday, 22/8

01:14 – Hamas-run Gaza rocket just struck southern Israel community.

Sunday, 21/8

23:14 – Three more Gaza rockets just struck southern Israel.

21:59 – Following the terror attacks emanting from the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces’ soldiers helped in moving babies to protected wings in the hospital.

21:33 – A short while ago two rockets fired from Hamas-run Gaza fell near Eshkol Regional Council.

19:45 – Hamas launched a mortar shell with phosphorus which hit Kerem Shalom today. Hamas broke the international law which states: It illegal to use the substance in inhabited areas.

19:27 – Hamas-run Gaza rocket hit southern Israel communities near Israel-Gaza border. A total of 31 rockets struck Israel today.

17:15 – Another Gaza rocket hit Israel, which is approximatly 11 miles north of the Gaza Strip, threatening the lives of 112,900 Ashkelon residents.

17:02 – IDF Announcement: In Response to Rocket Fire, Israel Air Force Targets Terror Sites in the Gaza Strip.

16:40 – Fifty Gazans entered Israel for medical treatment while 22 rockets landed in southern Israel.

14:03 – On Thursday Israel sent 263 truckloads with goods and gas into the Gaza Strip for the Palestinian Population and is sending more today.

12:00 -2 rockets hit so. of Ashkelon, Israel, threatening 112,900 Ashkelon residents; city Pop. = 1/3 of Florence, Italy Pop.

10:00 -7 rockets hit Israel in last couple of hours07:20 -Iron Dome intercepts 3 rockets launched from Gaza into Israel

06:56 -Short while ago, 4 more Gaza rockets struck southern Israel.

05:26 – Another Hamas-run Gaza rocket hit Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel.

05:16 – An unpleasant wake up: Another Hamas-run Gaza rocket struck Ashkelon, home to 112,900 civilians.

04:13 – Short while ago, 3 more Hamas-run Gaza rockets hit southern Israel. So far tonight, approximately 12 rockets struck Israeli civilians.

03:01 – Short while ago, another Gaza rocket struck southern Israel, another restless night.01:38 – Summary of today’s events.

00:54 – Short while ago, another Gaza rocket landed in southern Israel.

Saturday, 20/8

23:57 – Short while ago, four Gaza rockets landed in southern Israel. The terror attacks continue.

21:38 – A short while ago, 3 Gaza rockets struck southern Israel city of Be’er Sheva, leading to three civilians severely injured and one moderately injured.

20:21 – Update: Two kids, one two months-year-old baby, wounded a few minutes ago from the Gaza rocket attack at southern Israeli cities.

20:13 – In the last 10 minutes, 10 Gaza rockets pounded Israel, placing millions of Israelis in line of fire.

19:42 – Short while ago, two Gaza rockets struck and damaged Israel-Gaza Erez Crossing. Five additional Gaza rockets struck southern Israel communities.

18:09 – Update: Another Gaza rocket struck southern Israel community, Neve Eshkol Regional Council.

17:25 – Update: More than 20 Gaza rockets were launched at southern Israeli cities today injuring five civilians.

15:40 – IDF Announcement: IAF Targets Terrorist Squad in the Northern Gaza Strip

15:04 – In the past hour, six Gaza rockets were launched into Israel; 5 struck southern Israel cities and one was intercepted by Iron Dome System.

13:10 – Two more Gaza rockets landed in southern Israel; More than 45 Gaza rockets over past 48 hours.

05:45 – Overnight, a total of ten Gaza rockets struck major population centers in southern Israel.

05:45 – Terrorists from Gaza strike city of Ashdod; three people severely injured from the rocket attack.

04:10 – IDF Announcement: In Response to Terror Attack, IAF Targets Four Sites in the Gaza Strip

Friday, 19/8

21:59 – 2 more Gaza rockets landed in southern Israel; More than 25 rockets landed over past 2 days.

19:56 – IAF Targets Rocket Launchers in Three Separate Incidents18:45 – Another Gaza rocket landed in southern Israel.

18:20 – A short while ago, another Gaza rockets landed in southern Israel.16:00 – 2 rockets landed in southern Israel

15:00 – IDF Announcement: IAF Targets Terror Sites in the Gaza Strip.

09:15 – Home Front Command releases safety instructions.

09:00 – Israeli city Ashdod under rocket attack: One rocket struck synagogue rooftop, injuring three, and another landed next to children’s school

07:43 – Update: Overnight approx. 15 Gaza rockets were launched into Israel, targeting civilians. Iron Dome, the Israeli missile-defense system, was activated three times.

07:02 – Short while ago, rocket launched from Gaza landed in southern Israel; Overnight, approximately 6 rockets were launched from Gaza.

06:27 – Following the terror attack on Israeli civilians by terrorists from Gaza, the Israel Air Force targeted terror sites in Gaza.

Thursday, 18/8

24:00 – Eight Israelis killed from multi-pronged terror attack

21:20 – IDF Soldier Killed in multi-pronged terror attack

20:45 – Iron Dome, Israeli missile-defense system, intercepted rocket launched from Gaza into Israel

20:04 – Update: Israel police closed roads in southern Israel following today’s multi-pronged terror attack.

20:00 – IDF Chief of Staff: This is severe incident. IDF forces engaged with and hit terrorists at eye contact. IDF continues to operate in the south.

18:50 – IDF Spokeswoman: 7 Israelis killed in vicious terror attack in Israel.

17:45 – Today’s multi-pronged terror attack on innocent civilians near Israel’s southernmost city of Eilat led to 40 injured people and invovled live fire at civilian buses and a vehicle.

15:41 – Seven terrorists were hit by IDF after they carried out terror attack on Israel civilians.

15:27 – During multi-pronged terror attack, a vehicle was injured by roadside bomb.

15:05 &ndash
; IDF Spokeswoman: Attack in Israel was directed towards civilians.

14:58 – Multi-pronged terror attack on Israel civilians came from Gaza.

14:57 – All 14 Israeli casualties were evacuated to local hospitals in Israel.

14:30 – IDF Spokesperson Announcment: Combined Terrorist Attacks in Southern Israel.

14:20 – Mortar shells are being fired at southern Israel.

14:00 – IDF Spokeswoman: Initial update: Exchange of fire between IDF security sources and terrorists are taking place in Israeli territory.

Dillon Hosier
Consulate General of Israel, Los Angeles

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