Helena-Reet: I try to urge people to keep the nature

Helena-Reet: I try to urge people to keep the nature

OHMYGOSSIP — The world famous blogger, OHMYGOSSIP sites owner and  the Twitter sensation Helena-Reet Ennet, who lately tells to Finnish media that she wishes to buy a private island in Bahamas, in Vigin Islands or in Scandinavia is not only the ambitious girl who wants to invest her money to well-being and luxury life but she is a true nature lover who wish to save the planet and expand marine protected areas. Metropoli got an exclusive interview with the star.

– I have more deeper and serious plans with the private island(s) investment ideas than just a place for my family to have a place for fun. I love to see more futere ahead. The ocean provides food for millions of people across the planet, provides the oxygen for every second breath that we take and locks down 25 per cent of the carbon dioxide that we emit.  Also it drives the weather, and its great currents bring sustenance to the plates of billions around the world. We need to protect it, Helena-Reet tells exclusively to

– There are not so many completely, I mean COMPLEATELY, untouched islands in the world. This is sth super unique and super innocent. I know, many, even rich people, don´t like the private islands like that, because it´s difficult to get there (some of them are in the market so that almost nobody have never visited them!), there are no entertainment and no “so called fun” in those islans, but what we find there is a pure nature – so pure, which will soon is impossible to find anywhere else, because people waste and destroy quickly everything what is around them. Someone have to save these islands! I will try it one day, not sure if I am rich enough to do it.

– Overfishing, pollution, warming and acidifying seas threaten it´s life support system. Marine reserves could lessen the impacts by helping restore and restock marine life, encourage species abundance and diversity, and build resilience to change. I wish to support expand marine protected areas and also urge people to keep the nature. The best way to do it is to own it and make your own rules –  even if the rules tells to leave these places in peace for good or to show your loveing hand there.

Helena-Reet, who is well informed with all latest news, also tells, that she is glad that the Bahamas has made a trust fund dedicated specifically to financing marine protected areas management.

– I am glad that there are more people who think like me. I think every one of us should think as the owner – we need to keep, guard and support the world where we live! Every one of us can make a good change!


Tämän takia Helena-Reet haluaa ostaa yksityissaaren!
Kansainvälisesti laajalti seurattu bloggaaja Helena-Reet Ennet on sanonut haluavansa ostaa yksityissaaren Bahamalta, Neitsytsaarilta, tai Skandinaviasta. Helena-Reet kertoi Metropoli.netille, että syy tähän ei ole ainoastaan kunnianhimo ja rahojen investoiminen luksuselämään, vaan aito rakkaus luontoa kohtaan. Helena-Reet haluaa että pelastamme planeettamme saasteilta ja tärkeä osa tätä on vesiensuojelualueiden laajentaminen.


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