World Economic Forum: 81 percent of Danes feel the EU pays off for Denmark

NordenBladet – 81 percent of Danes feel the EU pays off for Denmark – the sixth highest approval rate among the 28 member nations. According to a new report from the World Economic Forum, the vast majority of Danes believe their country benefits from being a member of the EU.

The figures showed that 81 percent of Danes found the EU beneficial to Denmark, ranking the Danes among the populations with the highest regard for what the EU brings their country.

Across the Øresund Sound, the view changed drastically, with only 62 percent of Swedes feeling that the EU was a benefit to Sweden. The Finns found the EU’s contribution equally dubious at 66 percent.

Ireland topped the charts with 90 percent, followed by Malta (89), Lithuania (88), Luxembourg (86) and Poland (84).

The countries with the most scepticism were Italy (39 percent), Cyprus (45) and Greece (48).

Other notables included Germany (77), the Netherlands (76), Spain (70), France (58) and the soon-to-exit UK, which chimed in with 55 percent, almost 7 percentage points more than the 48.11 percent who voted to remain in the EU in June 2016.

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