Estonia expecting €15 million in extra tax income from immigration growth

NordenBladet – According to the calculations of the Ministry of the Interior, approximately €15 million per year in tax income could be expected due to alleviation measures on immigration restrictions approved by the government at the beginning of February.

The government in February decided that the immigration quota will not be raised above 0.1 percent of the Estonian population, or 1,317 people per year. At the same time, however, top specialists will be excluded from the quota and the maximum limit of short-term employment in Estonia will be extended from a period of nine months to one year.

Based on the government’s decision, the Ministry of the Interior developed amendments to the Aliens Act, which the ministry sent out for coordination on Thursday. Based on the letter of explanation accompanying the amendments, it is expected that as a result of the amendments, the number of foreigners working in Estonia on a short-term basis will increase by 2,500 people, not including the 124 top specialists working here with a temporary residence permit.



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