Swedish Board of Supervision of Estate Agents (Fastighetsmäklarnämnden)

NordenBladet – Swedish Board of Supervision of Estate Agents (Swedish: Fastighetsmäklarnämnden) is a Swedish government agency that answers to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Affairs. The agency is located in Stockholm. It handles tasks related to the state supervision of real estate agents.

Brief information about FMI, the Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate.

The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate (FMI) is the central administrative authority that

– examines applications for registration as an estate agent
– maintains a central register of estate agents
– exercises supervision of the registered estate agents
– provides information on codes of practice for estate agents

Organization of the Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate
The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate includes a Disciplinary Board, which consists of members appointed by the Government. The Disciplinary Board includes a chairman, a vice chairman as well as six other members and four substitutes. The chairman and vice chairman are lawyers and have experience as court judges. The chairman of the board is also the chief executive of the Inspectorate.

For further information in English including some translations to English of Act, Ordinance and Regulations see EU/EES

The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate’s most recent annual report is available as a PDF file via the link below. The annual report is only available in Swedish.

FMI’s Annual report

At the FMI you can

– find out whether a person is registered as an estate agent
– submit a complaint against an estate agent you consider has acted incorrectly
– receive information on various issues related to estate agent business

The FMI maintains a register of estate agents. This shows whether a person is registered as an estate agent and whether the inspectorate board has issued a warning to the estate agent. The Inspectorate’s preventive measures include the examination made when a person applies to be registered as an estate agent. This examination is aimed at preventing persons with insufficient knowledge or those who are otherwise unsuitable from working as estate agents.

With effect from 1 October 2003 there are two types of registration, fully registered and registered to lease property. An estate agent who is fully registered may mediate all types of property. An estate agent who is registered to lease property may only mediate rental properties.

The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate’s supervision entails ensuring that estate agents fulfil their obligations in accordance with the Estate Agents Act. A supervisory matter usually starts with a complaint being registered by a seller or buyer, or at the Inspectorate’s own initiative. The FMI’s supervision can lead to a decision that the estate agent should be removed from the register or that the estate agent should be issued a disciplinary reminder or a warning. In most cases, however, a supervision matter is written off without any criticism of the estate agent. The FMI’s practice in supervisory matters contributes to developing codes of conduct for estate agents.

At the FMI you can not
have a dispute with an estate agent settled; financial claims against an estate agent must be tried by a district court or by Fastighetsmarknadens reklamationsnämnd, FRN.

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