COP25 international climate summit in Madrid: The Nordic countries need a joint “climate law”

NordenBladet – “The Nordic region needs a “climate law” that is binding on all of the countries. National legislation isn’t enough,” says Sofia Geisler, a member of the Nordic Council from Greenland.

The Greenland MP made the suggestion at an event during the COP25 international climate summit in Madrid. Like everybody else in Greenland she sees the impact of climate change on her daily life and says that strong measures are called for.

“It is natural for the Nordic countries to work together on climate issues, especially with regard to the Arctic and the northern areas. That’s why I think we should draw up a kind of “climate law” binding on all of the countries,” she says.

Nordic countries make the best partners

She points out that the population of Greenland is only 56,000 and that the country needs an alliance on climate issues with the other Nordic countries, as well as with NGOs in the Arctic. She also says that the Nordic countries make the best partners for Greenland because they know about the Arctic and are so far ahead in work on the 17 sustainable development goals.

Climate issue overshadowed

Geisler is also worried that the focus in the debate about the Arctic has changed after the talk of the USA wanting to buy Greenland.

“After a certain man – I don’t even want to mention his name – said he wanted to buy Greenland, the debate changed. The focus shifted to Greenland’s military and strategic importance and the most crucial issue of all, climate change and its consequences for the people and the environment, has been completely overshadowed,” says Sofia Geisler.

The Nordic Council hosted a day of six events in the Nordic Pavilion at COP25 on 11 December. A further four events were held in the other Nordic COP pavilion in Stockholm.


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