Denmark: Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation launches new campaign against loneliness

NordenBladet – Crown Princess Mary has launched a new campaign to combat loneliness amongst young people, working with her Mary Foundation to support the cause.

Crown Princess Mary said of the Look for Loneliness campaign:

“Loneliness is a major problem among young people – not just during Corona, but also before and after. With the campaign, we will help break the taboo of loneliness and appeal to the youth to spot loneliness – and even better, reach out to each other. In fact, I think there is a special momentum for right now. During the first months of the coronavirus, many young people may have experienced the feeling of loneliness themselves and will therefore be able to better understand what it feels like to feel lonely every single day. Many young people would like to be there for each other. But taboo and touch anxiety often get in the way.”

The news was posted on the Mary Foundation’s website and the Foundation notes that in addition to the message Crown Princess Mary filmed to launch the campaign, that other pieces will include “various social media content targeted at young people, including a movie and a series of advice for young people on how to reach out to each other and what to do if you feel lonely.”

The Mary Foundation notes that 12% of young Danes between the ages of 12-16, feel seriously lonely.

“We adults can do a lot to help lonely young people,” said Helle Østergaard, the Mary Foundation’s Director. “But those young people who feel lonely need other young people. Feeling seen and included by your peers in the communities you travel in is the most important thing. Our hope is that with this campaign we can start a conversation among young people about loneliness and that more young people will dare reach out to someone who may be lonely. And also dare to say it out loud if you feel lonely yourself.”

The Look for Loneliness website notes that “The first step to helping someone who feels lonely is to spot loneliness. The next step is to reach out. Here you can get good advice on what to do to help. We have also provided some good advice for those who feel lonely.”

“Reaching young people with such a serious subject is a very difficult task. They are critical and move on quickly if they feel that they are being counted down and that as an adult you come with a raised index finger. We have really tried to avoid that – and it is not easy. That is why we have tried to create a campaign that communicates at eye level with young people,” said Østergaard.

The Mary Foundation was formed in 2007 and was funded initially with money raised as a wedding gift for her. The Mary Foundation focuses on three areas: bullying and well-being, domestic violence, and loneliness.

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