Estonian National Museum (ERM) exposition contest won by the stand idea “Our domestic witch kitchen”

Estonian National Museum (ERM) exposition contest won by the stand idea “Our domestic witch kitchen”

NordenBladet – Exposition idea contest “Your exposition” audience vote collected most support for the idea “Our domestic witch kitchen”, that brings to the viewer a fragment of the Estonian farm kitchen and the fascinating activities that can be done in a cozy kitchen at the long table all together. The winning exposition will be launched in the summer of 2021 in the partnership hall of the Estonian National Museum ERM.

Authors of the idea of this exposition are a mother with two daughters: Helena-Reet Ennet, Estella Elisheva and Ivanka Shoshana. “I am very grateful to everyone who believed in our idea. My youngest daughter is a child with special needs. I wished for us to have together this “very own project”. So now in our family there is this tradition to go in for these manual activities – clay fashioning, and burning in the oven, painting with acrylic paint, tying herbs to bundle and hanging them to the stove for drying, and making nature-based cosmetics. It pleases to do this together and it soothes the spirit! Now we have reason and enthusiasm to continue with the witch kitchen undertakings,” explains author of the idea Helena-Reet Ennet.

The contest “Your exposition” lodged 13 exposition concepts. All competing ideas won their keen followers, but the lead of this one idea among them was glaring. “In the contemporary hurry it leaves a pleasant impression when a concept of a museum exhibition embraces common proceedings of a family. Indeed the purpose of the partnership hall is to reflect daily life and reveal passionate and pretenseless creative expression,” indicates manager of expositions at ERM, Kristjan Raba, and goes on to elaborate that people more and more visit their expositions as a family event.

ERM partnership hall is designed to accommodate exposition ideas with lay origin, expositions compiled by citizens routinely not involved in museum work and display curacy, however, they have an interest, an important idea or subject matter that they wish to share and bring to the public. Contest for exposition ideas is held by Estonian National Museum ERM for the 6th year.



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