Norway: Ari Behn’s urn buried in private ceremony

NordenBladet – On Christmas Day 2019, Ari Behn, the former husband of Princess Martha Louise of Norway, took his own life. His funeral in Oslo Cathedral on January 3 was attend by royals from Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands and Crown Prince Haakon was one of the pallbearers.

On his birthday yesterday, September 30, Ari Behn was laid to rest at Our Savior’s Cemetery in Oslo. Behn was cremated. He was born on September 30, 1972 and would have turned 48 on Wednesday. It is still unclear who from the royal family attended the ceremony apart from Princess Martha.

In a short statement to the press, his former manager Geir Håkonsund wrote: “I can confirm that there has been a urn ceremony for Ari today. It is no coincidence that today’s date is chosen. It was a private ceremony.”

Wednesday evening, Ari Behns daughter, Leah Isadora published a moving post on Instagram with a picture of her and her father. Leah Isadora wrote: “9 months ago, my dad passed away from suicide. This has been and will always be the toughest tragedy me and my family have had to go through. I really don’t know what to say. I miss him so much and I wish that things were different. I have never really ever been open about this on social media, because I was scared and sharing my feelings seemed terrifying. Going through something like this made me feel so many emotions. So many thoughts that I will never ever be able to explain. I felt so broken inside and walked around feeling like it was all a dream and this wasn’t real or it didn’t happen. But it did. And I will never forget my dad. He was an amazing human with so many good intentions and always wanted everyone to have a good time. I loved him so much.”

She continues: “Going through all of this changed me. It has given me a whole different perspective in life, and if you love someone you tell them. You never know when you will lose them. Sometimes when I’m happy and I catch myself having fun, I stop and think. Do I deserve this? Am I allowed to feel like this? And of course I am. This didn’t make me stronger or brave, it made me realize how strong I already was. I miss you so much dad. Love you and Happy Birthday!”.

Ari Behn was married to Princess Martha Louise, the oldest child of King Harald and Queen Sonja from 2002 to 2017. They had three children together, Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora and Emma Tallulah. Shortly after the death of Ari Behn, King Harald said that it will take time to move on after the death. The King said: “It will take some time. Not a bit either, I think. We have three grandchildren who have lost their father. So it will take time.”


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