Corona information to all companies working with Denmark: Denmark remains open for business

Corona information to all companies working with Denmark: Denmark remains open for business

NordenBladet – The Danish Government has implemented border control at all of Denmark’s borders as part of the effort to curb the spread of Covid-19. Persons wishing to enter Denmark must expect to be rejected at the Danish borders, including in Danish airports, unless they have a worthy purpose for entering. In the context of trade relations, a worthy purpose (anerkendelsesværdigt formål) for entering is understood as:

  • Persons residing or working in Denmark, including self-employed entrepreneurs performing work in Denmark
  • Persons commissioned to deliver goods or services to Denmark or transport goods out of Denmark

It is important to emphasize to all companies working with Denmark that Denmark remains open for business. Freight transport will be able to access Denmark in order to not disrupt the necessary supply chains including food supply, as well as to maintain Denmark’s imports and exports of goods and services from and to other countries that is important to uphold the Danish economy.

“Denmark is taking the necessary steps to address corona. While tourism is temporarily paused, the inflow of goods and services remains open. We remain an outward-looking country open for business.”
Jeppe Kofod, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Despite Denmark’s closed borders to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Danish government has set up fast tracks for import and export of goods and services to guarantee continued cross-border trade between Denmark and foreign companies.

“It is crucial for companies and the Danish society that the borders are open for transportation of goods. The borders will remain open for persons commissioned to provide goods or services in Denmark and trucks will be able to cross the border into and out of Denmark,”
the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Jeppe Kofod, continues.

The Danish authorities are continuously assessing the potential need for further measures regarding entry into Denmark. For updates on current measures (in Danish), see the website

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