Norway: The Corona situation: More information about quarantine hotels

NordenBladet — In order to limit import infection, on 5 November 2020 the Government introduced arrangements involving quarantine hotels, effective from 9 November 2020. Further information about who has a duty to stay at the quarantine hotels and how the quarantine hotels will be operated are regulated in a new circular.

The introduction of the arrangements involving quarantine hotels does not lead to any changes about who must be in entry quarantine. Moreover, the quarantine period is still 10 days. Everyone who must be in entry quarantine must stay at a quarantine hotel during the quarantine period. This also applies to Norwegian citizens. However, there are three important exceptions:

-people who reside in or own a home in Norway, and who stay in their home or another suitable place
-people who have come to Norway to perform work or an assignment, and who have an employer or contractor who has arranged suitable accommodation with a private room during the quarantine period
-asylum seekers and resettlement refugees who have separate arrangements

The term “reside in Norway” means people who are registered in the National Population Register as residing in Norway, or who have reported moving to Norway in this register. When entering Norway, people must be able to document that they reside in Norway, e.g. by referring to information about their registered place of residence for tax purposes.

Own a home
Anyone who owns a home in Norway must be able to document this on entry. The term home covers holiday homes such as cottages, but not caravans and boats. Renting a home is insufficient. If people from the same household are travelling together, e.g. spouses or cohabitants and children, it is sufficient that at least one of the travellers owns a home in Norway.

People must provide documentation that they will perform work or an assignment and that their employer or contractor has arranged suitable accommodation with a private room. This documentation can, for instance, be an employment contract or assignment agreement and a declaration from the employer or contractor about accommodation.

People who reside in Svalbard, and who cannot document a suitable place to stay on the mainland, must stay at a quarantine hotel.

Minors travelling alone, who are not covered by these exceptions or the exception below relating to children travelling to have contact with their parents, will have the opportunity of having caregivers present at the quarantine hotel.

Quarantine hotel
People staying at a quarantine hotel must pay a set charge of NOK 500 per night for private individuals and NOK 1,500 per night for employers. The remaining expenses will be covered by the municipalities who in turn will be reimbursed by the state.

People staying at a quarantine hotel will have the opportunity to be tested for Covid-19. However, even if the person tests negative for Covid-19 during the quarantine period, the duration of the quarantine period will not be reduced.

Any breaches of quarantine duty observed will be reported to the Police who will consider criminal prosecution.

Groups who are completely exempt from entry quarantine, both during working hours and in their leisure time:

-people who can document that, in the space of the past six months, they have had confirmed case of Covid-19 infection
-people who are coming to Norway to be with children as part of access and contact arrangements between parents and children, or those returning to Norway after fulfilling such access and contact arrangements abroad
-people invited by the Norwegian authorities for important foreign policy reasons

HERE you find information about corona produced by the Norwegian health authorities translated into foreign languages, sorted by language.



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