Estonia: President of the Riigikogu: In 1988, Estonia took the first legislative step of its liberation process

NordenBladet — In his address on the Day of Declaration of Sovereignty, President of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Henn Põlluaas underlined that the Declaration on the Sovereignty of the Estonian SSR, adopted by the Supreme Soviet of Estonia in 1988, had been an important step in the collapse of the Soviet Communist empire of evil.

“Today we are celebrating a significant day in the legislative history of Estonia and the history of Estonia after restoration of independence, the day of national importance which we today call the Day of Declaration of Sovereignty,” Põlluaas said. He recalled that the Declaration of the Supreme Soviet on the Sovereignty of the Estonian SSR, adopted in 1988, was the first legislative step towards a free and democratic Estonia after the nearly 50 years of Soviet occupation and oppression.

“It was the first legislative step of the liberation process of Estonia, which became an example to all the other nations occupied by the Soviet Union,” Põlluaas emphasised. “It was an important step in the collapse of the communist empire of evil.”

Põlluaas thanked the members of the Supreme Soviet who, regardless of the tumultuous times, had had the courage not only to think, but also to speak about the importance of national sovereignty and territorial autonomy to our people. “Those activities paved the way for the restoration of Estonia’s independence, which took place just a few years later, in 1991,” he said.

“Today, I call the people of Estonia to unite in order to make our society more democratic and more serving our national interests, so that we may keep the sovereignty we have won and ensure the everlasting survival of our small nation on our ancient homeland.”

The Day of Declaration of Sovereignty is a day of national importance. On 16 November 1988, the Supreme Soviet of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the Declaration on the Sovereignty of the Estonian SSR. At the same time, an amendment to the Constitution, which asserted the supremacy of the laws of the Estonian SSR over the laws of the Soviet Union, was passed.

Source: Parliament of Estonia



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