Icealnd: Disney makes Icelandic promise

NordenBladet – Disney will start offering at least some content dubbed and subtitled into Icelandic on its streaming service in Iceland over the coming months, following dismay that Icelandic children are currently not offered Icelandic content. The confirmation came following a letter from Iceland’s education and culture minister.

Education minister Lilja Alfreðsdóttir sent her letter to Disney on 1st February and has now received a response from Hans van Rijn, head of the Disney service in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

In her letter, Lilja asked the company to start offering Icelandic-language content on its streaming service.

“Since Disney+ launched in Iceland last September, we have been exploring how we can add more dubbed and subtitled stories in Icelandic. I am pleased to share with you today that work is underway to make that a reality,” Van Rijn writes.

He says Lion King, Toy Story, Wall-E, Cars, Frozen 2, Coco, and more can be expected in Icelandic, though not for several months yet.

“More must be done whenever possible,” Lilja wrote on social media. “It looks like materials will be made available in the spring, but I will pressure to make that work happen faster.”


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