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Levi – one of the Finland’s most interesting tourism destinations + LINKS, PHOTOS & INFO!

NordenBladet – Levi is a fell located in Finnish Lapland, and the largest ski resort in Finland, based on the number of visitors. Lovely place to visit with friends or with familyt. The resort is located in Kittilä municipality and

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Helena-Reet: With children on a road trip around Finland (VOL5 – Oulu sightseeings, Kemi, Tornio and the journey through Kolari to Levi) + MANY PHOTOS & INFOLINKS!

NordenBladet – On the fourth morning of our road trip around Finland the sun was greeting us again. We already felt like experienced travellers as we had covered quite so many kilometres (Tallinn – > Helsingi -> Tampere -> Vaasa

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Tampere city center – East or west?

NordenBladet – East or west? Tampere is divided by the 18-metre high rapids of Tammerkoski that run from north to south between lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Many locals never actually change sides: if you were born on the east side,

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44 COMMON QUESTIONS with answers about Finland

NordenBladet – What are the traditions of Finland?, Where does Santa live Finland?, Where in Finland can you see the Northern Lights?, Is Finland a Scandinavian country?, What is the average temperature in Finland?, How many saunas are in Finland?

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The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland

NordenBladet – The Arctic Centre is an international hub of Arctic information and the centre of excellence that conducts multidisciplinary research in the Arctic region. The Arctic Centre combines Arctic research, Arktikum Science Centre exhibitions and science communications in a

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Lapland Chamber of Commerce – Promoting Arctic business

NordenBladet – Lapland Chamber of Commerce is the Northernmost Chamber of Commerce in the European Union. Its mission is to create success and growth for business in Lapland and Finland by promoting local businesses, entrepreneurship, economic freedom, fair competition and

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Arctic Business Forum Yearbook 2018

NordenBladet – The 9th Arctic Business Forum Yearbook is an overview of the European High North investments and business development published in association with the Arctic Business Forum. The Yearbook 2018 by Lapland Chamber of Commerce addresses Arctic cooperation, policies

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Klaukkala and Nurmijärvi in Finland + PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – Klaukkala (Swedish: Klövskog) is a village in the southern part of the Nurmijärvi municipality of Finland, near the Valkjärvi lake. Klaukkala is the largest of the villages in Nurmijärvi and is often mistakenly thought of as a separate

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Helena-Reet: Planning an extensive road trip with children to Finland – 3500km from Helsinki to Northern Finland, along the Swedish border to the Norwegian border and through inland back again

NordenBladet – Yesterday I started planning a major road trip – office tour + vacation. Last year the OHMYGOSSIP sites joined the Scandinavian media group NordenBladet – a lot of changes took place in the company internally as well as

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Finnish and Swedish Ministers for Foreign Affairs discuss foreign and security policy cooperation

NordenBladet —  Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini will meet Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström in Stockholm on 2 May. The Ministers will discuss ways to intensify the foreign and security policy cooperation between Finland and Sweden, the

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Crisis management now – resolving conflicts and building peace together (seminar in Kalasatama, Helsinki, on 17 May 2018)

NordenBladet — The 100-year-old Ministry for Foreign Affairs with its partners are organising a Crisis management now seminar in Kalasatama, Helsinki, on 17 May 2018. The event will present Finnish actors’ participation in the resolution of international crises and peacebuilding.

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Finland used EUR 935 million on official development assistance in 2017

NordenBladet —  Finland used EUR 935 million on official development assistance (ODA) in 2017. This represented 0.41 per cent of Finland’s gross national income. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) today published preliminary data on official development assistance

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Finland´s Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen: EU and Mexico reach agreement on modernising their trade relationship

NordenBladet — On 21 April 2018, the European Union and Mexico reached a political agreement on modernising their existing Free Trade Agreement. “The future agreement is welcome, because it brings partly outdated trade rules up to date to correspond companies’

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Agreement about transfer of Foreign Ministry’s 24/7 services to the Emergency Response Centre Agency

NordenBladet — The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Emergency Response Centre Agency (ERCA) have agreed that the Foreign Ministry’s 24/7 services will be handled by ERCA in Kerava from August 2018 onwards. Initially, the agreement will be in force

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A hundred years of foreign policy – Foreign Ministry’s public event in Jyväskylä

NordenBladet — The Ministry for Foreign Affairs marks its 100th anniversary by presenting its activities in various public events in different parts of the country. A public event will be organised on 27 April in cooperation with the Regional Council

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Chancellor of Justice (Sweden, Finland, Estonia) – History and Duties

NordenBladet – The Chancellor of Justice is a government official found in some northern European countries, broadly responsible for supervising the lawfulness of government actions. History In 1713, the Swedish King Charles XII, preoccupied with fighting the Great Northern War,

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