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Worst drinks for your health

OHMYGOSSIP — When people take steps to follow a diet or improve their health, they often leave beverages out of the equation. It is important to pay attention to the nutritional content of your drinks, however. Here’s a list of

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Alternative treatment for chronic pain

OHMYGOSSIP — Research suggests that over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain. For many, the side effects and risk of addiction from traditional medication outweigh the benefits for their condition. Here are some complementary and alternative treatments that may

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What to do with a household burn?

OHMYGOSSIP — Around 60% of skin burns treated in hospitals happen in the home, with children and elderly people most often affected. But, oddly enough, few people know how to deal with such common accidents. How should we treat (and

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How do you know if these trendy foods are actually healthy for you?

OHMYGOSSIP — Occasionally, you’ll hear someone talking about the next big super food or natural product that is supposed to be beneficial to your health. These foods and products can catch on quickly and become increasingly popular, but how do

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10 tips for healthy, strong and beautiful nails

OHMYGOSSIP — Our fingernails play a key protective role and are also aesthetically important. They protect our fingertips – our main source of tactile information – and enable us to grasp and manipulate all sorts of objects. They are also

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The basics on how to prepare a toddler for future school success

OHMYGOSSIP — I’ve been hearing so much about Common Core. Is there anything I can do now to prepare my toddler for school and these new standards?

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14 Causes of fatigue and sleepiness and how to fight them

OHMYGOSSIP — Causes of fatigue and sleepiness and how to fight them!

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Careful with Henna tattoos!

OHMYGOSSIP — Getting a henna tattoo is an engaging experience for adults and children in the summer. After all, it is just for a few days. But you may end up regretting it. Tattoos made with black henna, whose decorative

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How do generations get their names?

OHMYGOSSIP — I know what a Millennial is, and I’m sure you do, too. There are stereotypes about what Millennials do and do not like, how lazy they may or may not be, and how often they check their Twitter

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7 Strange historical fashion trends + Gallery!

OHMYGOSSIP — Technicolored hair, body piercings, armadillo shoes—you’d think the 21st century had a lock on out-there fashion trends. But baffling sartorial crazes are hardly a modern development. From voluminous wigs to personal air fresheners to a town full of

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9 Smart ways to always pick the right movie

OHMYGOSSIP — Deciding what to watch can be the most difficult part of movie night. Ultimately, finding the right film comes down to personal preference, but we’ve rounded up some insights to consider when you’re searching for the perfect film

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women linked to premature birth

OHMYGOSSIP — Having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) significantly increases a pregnant woman’s risk of premature birth, according to a new study. Researchers examined more than 16,000 births involving female U.S. military veterans between 2000 and 2012, and found that having

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6 Surprising ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season

OHMYGOSSIP — Cold and flu remedies cost Americans billions of dollars every year. But a handful of immune system-boosting habits can go a long way toward warding off infections this fall and winter, reducing the need for costly medicines.

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Sunshine prevents asthma attacks

OHMYGOSSIP — A little sunshine may be good for what ails you, particularly if you suffer from asthma. That’s the upshot of a new study by Tel Aviv University researcher that suggests catching some rays boosts vitamin D, which can

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Why sitting up straight is good for you?!

OHMYGOSSIP — When you were a slouchy teenager, your mother may have admonished you to sit up straight. It turns out that from a medical standpoint she was absolutely right. People with correct posture are less likely to suffer from

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Agave nectar fights cough!

OHMYGOSSIP — Agave nectar has been shown to be and effective, low-risk way to treat a child’s nighttime cough. In a new study published in the journal Jama Pediatrics, Penn State University researchers compared the effects of agave nectar to

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