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Does the Paleo Diet work?

OHMYGOSSIP — Chances are if you’ve been trying to lose weight you’ve heard of the Paleo diet. Actually you may have very well heard of it even if you haven’t. Like many a diet before it, the Paleo diet relies

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3 Children whose stories support the case for reincarnation

Past-life recognition in children is being studied extensively by various scientists and psychiatrists around the world to prove the survival of consciousness beyond the physical realm. Reincarnation research was advanced by Dr. Ian Stevenson in the 1960’s, who interviewed thousands

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This artist got cancer of the pineal gland. His paintings will leave you speechless.

The tiny, pea sized pineal gland located in the center of the human brain has for ages been thought to be the seat of the soul, or the third eye, the organ which makes spiritual connection and spiritual experience possible. Prone

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What is Meditation? – A practice of gathering attention

What is meditation? There is a lot of confusion about this question in the world today, at least among the majority it seems. Some people view it as sitting quietly because that is what meditators appear to be doing, thus

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Homeless people were asked to write down a fact about themselves. Their answers may surprise you!

OHMYGOSSIP — Rethink Homelessness, an initiative of the Central Florida Regional Commission on Homelessness, recently asked a few homeless people to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them. Their answers may

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What your body tells you about your emotional state

“This is no exaggeration: you were born to put death to death.” –Leonard Perlmutter  Bruce Lipton, a leading development biologist who believes that genes and DNA can be manipulated by our beliefs is not the only brilliant mind to propose such a

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