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EXHAUSTIVE OVERVIEW: who were the ancient Scandinavian origin Vikings and when was the time of the Vikings?

NordenBladet – The Vikings were ancient Scandinavian origin seafarers whose characteristic culture flourished around the 8th until the 11th century (the so called Viking Era). The name “Viking” apparently stems from ancient Nordic word vik that stands for gulf; viking

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Stockholm´s museums: The Viking Museum – tourist info, guides, pictures

NordenBladet  – For those, who are interested in Norse mythology and wish to experience the Viking age, I recommend to visit The Viking Museum in Djurgårdsvägen 48, 115 21 Stockholm. In the exhibition, several guided tours are held daily in

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Stockholm´s museums: The Medieval Museum – tourist info, guides, pictures and videos (FREE ADMISSION!)

NordenBladet – The Medieval Museum is situated on the Helgeandsholmen island between the Royal Palace and the Opera. Entrance under Stockholm’s oldest stone bridge Norrbro.  The exhibits tell of Stockholm’s emergence and the town’s development in the Middle Ages. The

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Sweden: Helgeandsholmen island in central Stockholm – home of the Riksdag Building and the Museum of Medieval Stockholm

NordenBladet – Helgeandsholmen  is a small island in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is located north of Stadsholmen, and east of Strömsborg, with which, together with Riddarholmen, it forms Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm. Helgeandsholmen contains the Riksdag Building

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Swedes use 770 million plastic bags per year: NOW Sweden set to tax plastic carrier bags – here’s how much you’ll have to pay

NordenBladet – A new tax on plastic carrier bags could see your Swedish grocery bill increase sharply. In order to get to grips with increasing plastic waste, the government has proposed a new tax which could double the price of

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People in Sweden are taking fewer domestic flights

NordenBladet – The number of passengers taking domestic flights in Sweden has fallen by eight percent so far this year, but airlines hope they can reverse the trend by working on sustainability. There are several possible reasons behind the reduced

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New Estonian ambassador to Sweden presented credentials to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

NordenBladet – Estonia’s new ambassador to Sweden, Margus Kolga, presented his credentials to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on Thursday. The King and ambassador confirmed the good relations between the two countries and discussed Swedish-Estonian history. Kolga thanked the

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Sweden: Nordic Festival Best of Norden celebrates Nordic culture the 28th-29th of October

NordenBladet – At the festival Best of Norden, that celebrates Nordic culture and the Nordic Councils Prizes, the nominated films will be screened with english subtitles. A unique chance to see the very best nordic films of today on the

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A Nobel way to discover Stockholm

NordenBladet – Between October 7 and 14, the Nobel Prize winners of 2019 will be announced. During this week, you can attend a series of events labeled Nobel Calling Stockholm. The focus will be on the importance of science, literature

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Swedish Tetra Pak billionaire Hans Rausing dies at 93

NordenBladet – Hans Rausing, the Swedish billionaire who helped build food packaging company Tetra Pak into a global giant, has died aged 93. Son of its founder, Ruben Rausing, he ran the firm from 1950 until 1995 – when he

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Three-year-old Prince Oscar, Duke of Skåne, visits Skäralid + VIDEO

NordenBladet – Three-year-old Prince Oscar of Sweden, Duke of Skåne, visited Skäralid on Monday, 17 June in Skåne’s Söderåsen’s National Park alongside his parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The little royal was able to visit the playground named

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Sweden: Princess Madeleine’s husband Chris O’Neill misses National Day festivities

NordenBladet – Christopher O’Neill, the husband of Princess Madeleine of Sweden, has not been able to participate in the National Day* festivities in Sweden today. The father of three was scheduled to attend this year’s celebrations but had to cancel

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Sweden: Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar of Sweden wish everyone a happy National Day!

NordenBladet – Today festivities all over Sweden are taking place as the country celebrates Nationaldagen or its National Day*. Of course, the Swedish Royal Family is out in full force to join in the celebrations. Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar

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8 REASONS why you should go on a road trip in Nordic countries

NordenBladet – More and more people love to spend their holidays in Scandinavia because there is safe, amazing nature and a lot to do and everybody are obsessed with Scandinavian culture! This year NordenBladet gave out a Finland´s travel guide

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden comments on Baby Sussex

NordenBladet – Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden are currently on a three-day visit to Vietnam. Day one, 6 May was spent in Hanoi. It was there that Crown Princess Victoria was told of the British royal baby

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Helena-Reet: We have opened and!! There is great interest for the NordenBladet pages and every day I am thinking – where from here? what from here?

NordenBladet – For many months I have actively been involved with the archives and documentation of NordenBladet. As of today also the portals of Ohmygossip Finland and Ohmygossip Sweden have been joined under NordenBladet! How cool is that?! NordeBladet pages

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