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7 Secrets to looking attractive all the time

OHMYGOSSIP — Looking constantly attractive is not as difficult as it seems to most women. You too can look picture perfect like the models you see in magazines if you take care of small details in your attire and appearance.

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What’s behind the dramatic rise in Autism cases?

OHMYGOSSIP — The dramatic increase in the number of children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder is largely the result of changes in how the condition is reported, Danish researchers contend.

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6 Habits to boost your immunity and to prepare your body for the harsh winter

OHMYGOSSIP — We are all tied to the seasons. In summer we spend time outside, we eat lighter, and we tend to be more active. Historically, people around the world celebrate harvest or fall with fasts (Ramadan, Yom Kippur), reflection

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Helena-Reet: A few tips to make your Israel visit perfect in summer time!

OHMYGOSSIP — I recently came back from my lovely vacation and must say that summer in Israel is hotter than hot! Last time I was in Israel in December and then the temperature was about 15 degrees colder. Now in

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E-commerce Study: Social Media — An online window shopping experience

OHMYGOSSIP — In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s important for online retailers to leverage social media and develop a memorable online “window” shopping experience. One common misconception among retailers is that money can’t be made directly through social platforms, but there

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Top 10 strategies for free shipping — An essential guide for online sellers

OHMYGOSSIP — If you are not offering some type of free shipping today, research shows that you’re losing sales, customer loyalty, revenue per sale and product margin. There’s no question free shipping is a virtue when it comes to creating

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Simple 6-step program reverses memory loss

OHMYGOSSIP — The greying of the baby boom generation is expected to bring a wave of new Alzheimer’s cases, with the number of Americans with the memory-robbing disorder projected to triple over the next three decades. Related healthcare costs could

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Helena-Reet: Useful tips how to become #1 in Google and get to the top of the SERPs

OHMYGOSSIP — Google is providing the majority of visitors to most websites, including How to improve your search engine ranking on Google? Everyone who has a website wants it to rank high in the search engines — a higher

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10 Things you should never say to a French person

OHMYGOSSIP — Ah, France. The land of lazy workers, surrender and adulterers. Come again? Say that stuff to a French person’s face and chances are you’ve made them really angry. Here we’ve listed some of the worst things you can

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10 Things you should never say to a Spaniard

OHMYGOSSIP — Living in a foreign country is a minefield, and it’s easy to fall back on easy stereotypes about Spain. Whether it’s comments about lazy work habits, UK outposts (think Gibraltar!) or macho men, there are plenty of things

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French inventor Christian Poincheval develops scented flatulence pills

OHMYGOSSIP — A Frenchman may have come up with the perfect solution to one of life’s major problems after he claimed to have invented a pill that makes bodily gases smell like roses and chocolate. The 65-year-old inventor Christian Poincheval

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6 Important things to accomplish till the end of the year

OHMYGOSSIP — The holiday season is almost here. Many of us are extremely busy preparing for it since we want this holiday season to be special and unforgettable.

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Remember, happy people always choose happiness! 10 Reasons why you deserve to be happy

OHMYGOSSIP — With the New Year coming up fast, it’s time for you to start thinking about your goals and dreams for 2015. Focusing on things that make you happy should be a high priority.

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Change the way you use Google with these 9 simple tips and tricks

OHMYGOSSIP — Many people believe that Google is just a popular search engine that helps them find a useful and necessary information. However, there are a few tricks you may want to try and to use every time you need

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What makes your breath smell bad? Check out these causes of bad breath and learn the steps you can take to prevent it

OHMYGOSSIP — No one wants to have bad breath! Breath can tell us a lot about our health, ranging from simple bad breath to a more serious, underlying issue. Check out these causes of bad breath and learn the steps

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Worst drinks for your health

OHMYGOSSIP — When people take steps to follow a diet or improve their health, they often leave beverages out of the equation. It is important to pay attention to the nutritional content of your drinks, however. Here’s a list of

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