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Scandinavian history and culture: WHAT were gender roles like during Viking times? What happens when a Viking dies?

NordenBladet – What were gender roles like during Viking times? A Norwegian archaeologist Marianne Moen thinks we often misinterpret the past based on our current cultural assumptions. Men and women had more similarities than differences, she says. Moen studied the

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EXHAUSTIVE OVERVIEW: who were the ancient Scandinavian origin Vikings and when was the time of the Vikings?

NordenBladet – The Vikings were ancient Scandinavian origin seafarers whose characteristic culture flourished around the 8th until the 11th century (the so called Viking Era). The name “Viking” apparently stems from ancient Nordic word vik that stands for gulf; viking

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Stockholm´s museums: The Viking Museum – tourist info, guides, pictures

NordenBladet  – For those, who are interested in Norse mythology and wish to experience the Viking age, I recommend to visit The Viking Museum in Djurgårdsvägen 48, 115 21 Stockholm. In the exhibition, several guided tours are held daily in

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Sweden: Helgeandsholmen island in central Stockholm – home of the Riksdag Building and the Museum of Medieval Stockholm

NordenBladet – Helgeandsholmen  is a small island in central Stockholm, Sweden. It is located north of Stadsholmen, and east of Strömsborg, with which, together with Riddarholmen, it forms Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm. Helgeandsholmen contains the Riksdag Building

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A Sustainable policy hub for rural actors – SHERPA

NordenBladet – New participatory EU hub for contributing to shaping future policies and research for rural areas was launched in Bruxelles in October. One of the most ambitious public participation projects ever funded by the European Commission has just been

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Atlas of population, society and economy in the Arctic

NordenBladet – The Atlas of Population, Society and Economy in the Arctic provides an in-depth overview of the changes that are affecting populations in the circumpolar North. Continuous environmental, economic and social changes are currently underway in the Arctic regions.

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Nordic Population in 2040 – Executive summary

NordenBladet – How strong is the urbazination trend in the Nordics in the long haul? Will the rural areas be depopulated by 2040? This is the executive summary of the report The Nordic Population in 2040 – Analysis of past

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Riigikogu supported visa-free working holidays in Japan for young Estonian adults

NordenBladet — The Riigikogu ratified the Act on the Ratification of the Arrangements for Working Holidays between the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the Government of Japan, which allows Estonia and Japan to issue multiple-entry working holiday visas

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Norway: King Harald and Queen Sonja visited the people at Askøy: Water pollution is one of the most serious things we can experience

NordenBladet – Last time the small town of Askøy was visited by royals was in 1611. On Thursday, King Harald and Queen Sonja visited the people at Askøy for a very special reason. To conclude the county tour of Hordaland

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8 REASONS why you should go on a road trip in Nordic countries

NordenBladet – More and more people love to spend their holidays in Scandinavia because there is safe, amazing nature and a lot to do and everybody are obsessed with Scandinavian culture! This year NordenBladet gave out a Finland´s travel guide

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TOP 12 Environmentally friendly attractions in Norway

NordenBladet – There are many places in Norway that follow the principles of eco-sustainability. Fjords, towering mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, northern lights and countless rivers: in Norway, nature is pure spectacle and the landscapes leave you breathless. They need to preserve

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Crown Prince Family of Denmark attend funeral of ASOS owner’s three children who died in the Sri Lanka bombings

NordenBladet – On Saturday, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, and their four children (Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine) attended the funeral of the ASOS owner’s three children who died in the Sri Lanka bombings. The

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Climate Barometer 2019: Finns wish to have solutions to climate crisis at the heart of policy-making

NordenBladet — The Finns wish to see solutions to the climate crisis among the priority themes of the next government term and Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. Growing numbers of Finns have also changed their own behaviour

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The King of Sweden awarded HM The King’s Medal and the Litteris et Artibus Medal during a ceremony in Queen Lovisa Ulrika’s Dining Hall at the Royal Palace of Stockholm

NordenBladet – On Wednesday 13 February, The King awarded HM The King’s Medal and the Litteris et Artibus Medal during a ceremony in Queen Lovisa Ulrika’s Dining Hall at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. The Seraphim Medal is presented “for

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Top 10 Richest People of Sweden 2017 (by Veckans Affärer) + FULL LIST of Sweden´s 184 billionaires in 2017!

NordenBladet – Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer each year compiles a list of the country’s billionaires in Swedish krona (1 billion SEK equals roughly $120 million USD). There was a record 187 Swedish billionaires in 2018 – double the amount

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18 common questions with answers: WHAT is Aurora Borealis? What causes the Northern Lights? Where is the best place to go and see the northern lights? Do the Northern Lights give off radiation? etc.

NordenBladet – An aurora (plural: auroras or aurorae), sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights (aurora borealis) or southern lights (aurora australis), is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions (around the

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