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Iceland: Hidden caves in Hella are open to public

NordenBladet – Since January 18th, 2020, four of the twelve man-made caves in Hella are open to the public. The Hella caves are ancient; some even believed to date further back than the settlement of the Vikings. In truth, nobody

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In Focus: Iceland and the Arctic

NordenBladet – There are a few different definitions of what constitutes the Arctic, but it can essentially be defined as the area surrounding the North Pole. This northernmost part of the planet is home to about 4 million people, about

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Food of Iceland: What is Laufabrauð and how to make it? + Recipe and VIDEOS!

NordenBladet – Laufabrauð (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈløːivaprœiθ], “leaf bread”; sometimes also called “snowflake bread” in English) is a traditional kind of Icelandic bread that is most often eaten in the Christmas season. Originating from northern Iceland but now eaten throughout the

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Iceland: Proposal to build new domestic airport in Hvassahraun

NordenBladet – This weekend, the city of Reykjavík and the Icelandic government signed a contract that will begin an investigation into potentially opening a new domestic airport in Hvassahraun. According to RÚV, each party will invest 100 million ISK to

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Iceland: New Police Council to be inaugurated on January 1

NordenBladet – A new Police Council under the chairmanship of the National Commissioner of the Police will begin operations on January 1 next year, RÚ reports. The new council was introduced by Minister of Justice Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir at the

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Iceland: Landsvirkjun announces plan to become carbon neutral by 2025

NordenBladet – Today, Landsvirkjun*, the National Power Company of Iceland, will introduce plans to become carbon neutral by 2025, RÚV reports. According to Hörður Árnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun, the company has monitored greenhouse gas emissions closely over the past ten

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Iceland: Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir meets Queen Elizabeth at The NATO Summit

NordenBladet – Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir met Queen Elizabeth at the NATO Summit in London on Tuesday, Vísir reports. The meeting celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Alliance. Following a fully booked schedule, she arrived at the reception at Buckingham

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Iceland: Reykjavík City Council racks up massive 7.2 Million ISK Food Bill

NordenBladet – The cost of 20 Reykjavík City Council meetings from June 2018 to July 2019 amounted to 17 million ISK, or 850,000 ISK per meeting, Vísir reports. Of the 17 million, 7.2 million was spent on food and drink,

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MBL: Already over 50,000 Immigrants in Iceland

NordenBladet – There are over fifty thousand immigrants in Iceland, mediates. First-generation immigrants now make up just over 14% of the population, which is a dramatic increase from the 12% measured last year. For reference, at the beginning of

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BBC Recommends new Iceland crime drama “The Valhalla Murders” + TRAILER

NordenBladet – The upcoming RÚV/Netflix co-production ‘The Valhalla Murders’ was just recommended on BBC’s ‘Ten TV shows to watch in December’ and Icelandic media is freaking out. The show is about a police investigator named Arnar who travels from Denmark

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MBL: Icelandic Name Committee says no to Zelda and Lucifer

NordenBladet – Iceland’s Naming Committee* met on the sixth of November to review another batch of contending names for their approval or rejection, reports, and some names fared better than others. New first names now added to the Icelandic

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Iceland: Icelandic football star Kolbeinn Sigþórsson arrested after rambunctious night in Sweden

NordenBladet – It seems Icelandic footballer Kolbeinn Sigþórsson was partying too hard and landed himself behind bars in Sweden after a rowdy night out. According to Swedish newspaper Expressen, one player in the Swedish league was arrested last night. They

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Iceland: Gyða Valtýsdóttir won the Nordic Council Music Prize 2019

NordenBladet – Icelandic performer and multi-instrumentalist Gyða Valtýsdóttir (also known as Kría Brekkan) was awarded the 2019 Nordic Council Music Award at a formal ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, last night. She was awarded the prize for her distinctive vocals, instrumental

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Icelandic novelist Arnaldur Indriðason has a new book “Better Change His Name” coming out in Iceland

NordenBladet – Icelandic crime novelist Arnaldur Indriðason (58) has a new book coming out in Iceland on Friday. It’s his 23rd in as many years. Besides, one of his books was recently published in Norway, marking the thousandth publication of

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Parliamentary Ombudsman (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway) – Jurisdiction, Sanctions, History and Legacy

NordenBladet – Parliamentary Ombudsman (Finnish: Eduskunnan oikeusasiamies, Swedish: Riksdagens ombudsman, Icelandic: Umboðsmaður Alþingis, Danish: Folketingets Ombudsmand, Norwegian: Sivilombudsmannen) is the name of the principal ombudsman institutions in Finland, in Iceland, in Denmark, in Sweden (where the term Justice Ombudsman –

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