Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol3): Holstre, Mustla and meeting the creature/ghost

Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol3): Holstre, Mustla and meeting the creature/ghost

NordenBladet – It is unbelievable that there may be so many emotions in a single day! A brief trip to Viljandi seems like a trip to outer space – bringing along so many emotions, so many discoveries, so many great things to see!

In Ruudiküla we stopped the car to take a walk in the forest – my sister was wearing rainboots and I was in my flip-flops. It didn’t take long when I started lamenting about the danger of a possible snake moving in the hay. In a word – I was spoiling the event. So we went back to the car, I fetched my sister’s socks and sneakers and replaced my flip-flops. From now on it was a lot better. Yet soon enough we had to admit that instead of a fine forest there was plain brushwood. Well-well. It is not quite so easy to find beautiful fir forests in Estonia.

After a short while in the forest, telling how different it all used to be back when we were young, we decided to visit Mustla. This was due to a memory that Memm (dad’s mother) always used to say that we must catch the Mustla bus. Now this meant that we took Mustla bus to get from Viljandi bus station to Ruudiküla. Since Memm kept repeating the word Mustla so often, then it seemed proper that we got there to see the place. Of course we had not studied the map and ended up in a random destination. Actually, in a way this was what we wanted – not to navigate from target A to target B along the main road, but to have an adventure and try following the village roads and perhaps even hoped to get lost on the way. However, since the road network and all the street signs were so logical and reasonable, it was sort of a challenge to get lost in spite of that.

So we drove through the beautiful Viljandimaa, admired the various picturesque fields and finally reached Holstre. That place greeted us with the store named „Pärna”. Well-well, it was now obvious that a picture had to be taken and sent to Margus, so that he might easily recognize the current post and perhaps feel better after the somewhat goofy previous post — his last name is Pärn. It often happens that I say something rough and soon after will regret it. We entered the shop where there was a salesperson with blue hair, and I quite spontaneously took a few pictures from the alcohol section and cookie shelves. As a blogger I am used to always taking pictures, since you will never know what you might need and use later. Then the blue-haired salesperson objected that we may not photograph the interior and we departed mumbling to ourselves. And then, right in the doorway, something strange happened. As I noticed and followed a bus that was passing by, I got stuck and lost balance, and the next thing I remember was having fallen down in full length. I twisted my leg quite badly. And I was afraid that there is a crack in the bone. With this in mind and with great pain in the twisted leg, we left Holstre and proceeded towards Mustla.

Once we arrived at Mustla we were surprised how small the place really was – there was one cafe, one supermarket, one municipality house, a library and a school – and that was it. The cafe yet surprised us with very tasty local products. We shared a soup (€1.50), two locally baked different rolls and a latte, and it didn’t cost us even as much as four eiuros – I cannot remeber the exact sum, but I do remember that the meal was divine! We were positively shocked that a place as small as that had such a great menu and such super small prices!

After that we went to see a house in Tarvastu county that was for sale. What is to follow now is rather scary. At least the two of us got so frightened that we were shaking until late night, praying that we’d be pardoned for any unwanted disturbance that occurred to the possible creatures. Earlier we had spotted on a real estate portal an old farmhouse that was for sale and we got to thinking that in case the house was fairly adequate we might buy the place and try to fix and tidy it. Since our schedule was kind of scattered then we didn’t bother to call the broker-owner and decided that we just have a look from a distance (old houses are usually all the same from the inside – falling apart and in need of a total makeover). We were driving here and there and finally got to the path that we were seeking. We parked the car by the road and walked along the meadow towards the aforementioned object. My foot was still aching yet the curiosity and overall excitement exceeded the pain. Soon we were at the gates of the old farmhouse. The gate itself was missing, what I meant was rather the ground’s contour, the imaginary boundary. We shouldn’t have crossed that line, since it was private property and unauthorized entrance was not suitable. But then again, since the place was for sale in a random countryside, then we defectively gathered that we might look around a bit and see the yard somewhat closer. And now comes the scary part. There I was near the house standing by the wall, when I clearly felt that somebody was behind my back. I definitely and very truly felt it. We walked round the house with my sister and I told her that probably she might find me a little weird, but I had the impression that the house was haunted. And now comes the extra scary part. I had been convinced that my sister would recommend something like „make sure to reduce the next dose of liquor” or „you seem to have a hangover” or „try not to imagine things that aren’t really there”, but instead she said that she had had the very same feeling. To be more precise, she looked at me, petrified, and said: „I sensed the same creature, but I didn’t want to tell you, since I didn’t wish to scare you as your elder sister. It came to my mind that somebody was watching us all this time and I felt that there was something behind me. I tell you that there is something very strange about this place. I cannot articulate it, but thing are not in good order here. There is some dark energy here – sorrow, disheartening, solitude, something unnatural.”

We left the yard and went back to the boundary of the ground and a very unpleasant feeling befell us. We kept walking and reached the car. There we met a local inhabitant. We tried to describe what had just happened, but it was difficult. The woman replied that nobody has lived in this house for many years and that besides there are also no children in the nearest dwellings.

We now continued towards the lake Võrtsjärv, then further on through Pahuvere to Paistu and from there on to Intsu village, Männiku cottage in the woods. Events that started happening there were even more intense than so far – either the creature/ghost had followed us on our way or we were already too frightened to think rationally. At least it would be illogical that something didn’t happen despite two different people sensed it.

Read more about the trip to lake Võrtsjärv, the visit to Paistu cemetery and about events in Männiku Metsatalu cottage from the next blog!

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