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Helena-Reet: A visit to ERM in Tartu, men shaved their heads + confession: Yes, I have a new man!

NordenBladet – On Wednesday I sent my youngest daughter Ivanka Shoshana (in the first two pictures) to Mõigu to her grandma and grandpa and made preparations for Thursday’s journey to Tartu. My art exhibition that is about to be held

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Helena-Reet: Village’s Midsummer Night bonfire, second corona vaccine, and an enjoyable Saturday evening in Keila at Legends Diner restaurant + PHOTOS!

NordenBladet –  Children began their summer holiday (Friday was the end-of-school year ceremony) and thus the endless chauffeuring around between Saku and the city centre ceased. We still wake up early and the days are pleasantly long. The weather has

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Helena-Reet: Helena-Reet: About whey protein and the peaceful beginning of the day, about the new lawn tractor, the tableware set “Ivanka”, and some more about this day…

NordenBladet – Life in the countryside is ticking in a completely different rhythm than in the city. Everything will be accomplished, yet there is no hurry and no haste. A calm morning with a plentiful breakfast is the basis to

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Helena-Reet: Summertime!!! Our weekend + BIG GALLERY!

NordenBladet – Wonderful weather latery across all of Scandinavia! The weekend in Estonia was fully tropical! We enjoyed the sun and the beautiful garden! For breakfast there were strawberries and sandwiches garnered with thyme and lilac blossoms. I cut from

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Helena-Reet: Hygge morning, a bit of advertising for our E&S hit product, badminton and today as seen through a BIG GALLERY!

NordenBladet – Friday began with a nice, peaceful and long hygge breakfast. Since there are many family members waking up at various times, I laid the table repeatedly – using, as usual, the one of a kind original ceramics. What

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Helena-Reet: The garden-inspired painting “Childhood”, yet another consumer game, a present that has to be bought out, enjoyable RMK recreational areas and top event of the week! + BIG GALLERY OF EVERYTHING!

NordenBladet – Everyone that owns a farm yard or a larger gardening space in the countryside, knows that just now is the most beautiful time in the garden – apple trees, pear trees and cherries are blooming, lilacs are in

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Helena-Reet: Elisheva & Shoshana business negotiations with Kaup24, periodicals orders and consumer games

NordenBladet – Yesterday I held negotiations with Kaup24 web store (DLB Trading Ltd) and concluded a seven-month Marketer/Seller contract, Agent contract and Data Processing contract. Heavenly grace, all in all I went through about sixty pages of a special offer

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Helena-Reet: Ivanka Shoshana’s birthday VOL2, my concerns, new Arborvitae hedge + exciting guests

NordenBladet – Ivanka Shoshana had two different birthday parties this year – one on May 16, when we celebrated a joint birthday party with guests for Ivanka and Estella, and another one on May 23, the actual birthday of Ivanka.

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Helena-Reet: Children’s birthday – menu, outfit and gallery!

NordenBladet – Yesterday was luckily good weather all day and we celebrated the children’s joint birthday party outdoors! The birthday menu was traditional – homemade potato salad and rosolje salad, fresh salad from carrots, cheese wiener (Saaremaa Meat Industry), ham

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Helena-Reet: Liberty to plan my own time is a luxury that I love above all!

NordenBladet – The night was so warm tonight that I slept with the window wide open. In the morning I woke at eight and made some pancakes which we enjoyed with the raw jam made from blueberries that were picked

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