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Helena-Reet: New hair-do + super info! Commenced pencilling “His Highness Mouse the First” novel!

NordenBladet – It is difficult for me to grasp how people can complain about boredom. As for me, all of my days are so eventful, reflecting on everything is getting way too complicated. Days are long and packed with several

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Helena-Reet: The work on Elisheva & Shoshana brand

NordenBladet – It was a long time from here when I used to dream about a personal beauty brand. For many years this remained merely a dream, but one fine day I recognized that in our lives most of the

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Helena-Reet: A visit to Tempus centre Wittenstein in Paide wall tower and a celebration in Tainas Catering cafe

NordenBladet – On Sunday, 10 January, we had a small road trip to Central Estonia. While restrictions related to Covid-19 risk prohibited any events and gatherings in Tallinn, we had been invited to a special birthday party in Paide. Firstly,

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Helena-Reet: Half of January will soon be over, nevertheless here is for you a retrospective post from New Year’s Eve + GALLERY!

NordenBladet – The year 2021 is proceeding with full speed! The two first weeks of the year have gone by so quickly that there hasn’t been time to post blogs. Thus you will now be receiving several blogs these days,

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Helena-Reet: Women need not be anorectic but charismatic!

NordenBladet – I intended to build today’s blog post around entrepreneurship and business, however the stream of thought instead led me to pencilling rather through new avenues based on the many recent comments and emails. Just now it seems most

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Helena-Reet: Morning full of ceramics, and chicken with bechamel sauce!

NordenBladet – Today I woke at eight and went out for a walk. Though it was crispy cold outside, still after quite a while it was very nice to walk outdoors. The cat took a walk beside me – that

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Helena-Reet: Christmas in quarantine (extended gallery!!)

NordenBladet – On 18 December we found out that due to two pupils from Ivanka Shoshana’s class having caught coronavirus, our Christmas time was to be spent in isolation. We had been invited as guests to several events, and unluckily

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Helena-Reet: School holiday, ManicTime, Family Guy, the Moomins, the Loud House passion, and last but not least, a festive neck steak with saute onion

NordenBladet – Today school’s winter holiday began. Ivanka Shoshana had a Christmas party at school (however, parents were not allowed to attend due to Covid-19 risk). That was sad, because Ivanka (12) goes to the newly renovated Tallinn Tondi School

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Helena-Reet: Podcasts, web lectures and accumulation of inspiration, in order to rise from the ashes like Phoenix, with new ideas and new energy!

NordenBladet – For some days already (actually even a lot longer) it feels that the duties, the to-do list, things that need to be done on the professional side, keeps piling and piling and there is an ever greater lack

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Helena-Reet: visiting the SPA, the fabulous horticulture centre and RECIPE for the delicious oven dish!

NordenBladet – Monday and Tuesday passed quickly. On Monday I ordered a new set of E&S loop-eyed visit cards that are great for adding to the gift packages, and I did some work on developing the ElishevaShoshana.com web store. The

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Helena-Reet: About the weekend and a valuable idea from the “Jar of good ideas”!

NordenBladet – The weekend has passed under the subtitle of cooking and enjoying delicious food. On Friday I made some tasty wok dish and we ate the rhubarb-almond cheesecake that I has made on Thursday. Along with it I prepared

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Helena-Reet: Hanukkah party table and the lighting of candles + RECIPE: rhubarb cheesecake with almonds

NordenBladet – Yesterday was the beginning of Hanukkah*, one of my favourite holidays. This time, instead of potato latkes -or potato pancakes- I prepared fried sweet potatoes, onion sauce, beef and fresh pesto salad. For dessert I made some rhubarb

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Helena-Reet: What are the gifts that I make this year for my kids, for my friends and for my collaboration partners

NordenBladet – I like handicraft, and handicraft is held in high regard in our household. I go in for many kinds of handicraft – painting, pottery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, making several kinds of nature-friendly handicraft cosmetics (soaps, ointments, lotions,

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Helena-Reet: Ivanka’s letter to elf and about the cooking inclination

NordenBladet – Lately the kids do not want to eat in the morning anymore, sometimes they do but not always, because at school Ivanka Shoshana has three meals during the day and Estella Elisheva has two. However, I still enjoy

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Helena-Reet: “His Highness Mouse the First” beginning to take shape + GALLERY!

NordenBladet – Seven paintings from the series “His Highness Mouse the First” have been completed along with the blog posts on ElishevaShoshana.com website. Today I created three blog posts at a time about the paintings that were already completed but

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Helena-Reet: Do my blog posts turn out “too serious?”

NordenBladet – For years I have been blogging “too seriously”, or is it perhaps more correct to say – I have been producing so to say essays or columns. I want to change that. I feel that I do not

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