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Helena-Reet: About the weekend and what impact the AstraZeneca vaccine had on me…

NordenBladet – This Friday I had myself vaccinated. I received the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. I was quite nervous, since news of all kinds is available to us and you no longer know, what you can believe and

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Helena-Reet: Yesterday a.k.a. one catastrophe upon another

NordenBladet – Yesterday was plainly horrible, one catastrophe after another. Besides the event of having the car’s windscreen broken, also a tyre went flat. We seem to have overdriven a nail or a crook, which quite literally was still peeping

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Helena-Reet: How are the children doing during distance learning? ORDINARY CHILD versus DISABLED KID + my Women’s Day

NordenBladet – When last year the covid era began, I was quite pleased that I wouldn’t need to drive my children so often here and there and that in the mornings we could sleep slightly longer. It even seemed that

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Helena-Reet: COVID-test, vaccination, meals and E&S discount code!

NordenBladet – A week has quickly passed again, and not as much of the daily blogging as desired has been realized. Days are just flying by so fast. And sometimes I contemplate whether it even makes sense to post blogs

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Helena-Reet: Saturday + Recipe for juicy cinnamon rolls with cloudberry yoghurt filling!

NordenBladet – Yesterday was Purim* holiday and thus in our home a small celebration. I listened to Purim Dance Mix, sipped up two bottles of champagne, sent some text messages (which most certainly needn’t have been sent, because I have

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Helena-Reet: This how was our the 103rd anniversary of Republic of Estonia + three wonderful recipes!

NordenBladet – This year everything has been different (corona pandemic restrictions and many twists in my own personal life). Even Estonian Independence Day* was completely different. Although me just as well as many other fellow inhabitants of Estonia spent an

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Helena-Reet: NordenBladet has its own WordPress plugin in progress + Elisheva & Shoshana site connected with payment centre Maksekeskus!!

NordenBladet – Now here comes the most recent IT-news related to my various undertakings. For a start, NordenBladet’s IT-department commences programming several interesting WordPress plugins, and these are completely free of charge for the user! How cool is that?! The

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Helena-Reet: in ERM (Estonian National Museum) in Tartu and at my sister’s birthday + Valentine’s Day!

NordenBladet – The week has passed in a blink of an eye. The keywords are tasks at home, ceramics, and writing-illustrating the children’s book “His Highness Mouse the First”, also the daily publishing of articles, developing the collaboration networks for

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Helena-Reet: Cashflow + list of completed tasks and all the fun

NordenBladet – Good morning! What a magical snowy day! A gardener need not train extra, since the workout happens at home – in the wintertime the snow plowing will do the trick and in the summertime the same with lawn

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Helena-Reet: PHOTOBLOG + RECIPES! This is exactly what a dinner table looks like when two top chefs invite you over for a Friday night!

NordenBladet – It crossed my mind that I could write one combined post about last week and the weekend, but it can’t be done. This blog section needs a post of its own! My blogs actually oftentimes depict food topics,

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Helena-Reet: Visiting Pärnu SPA and doing the daily tasks

NordenBladet – What wonderful weather! The entire garden has been covered with snow and it just won’t stop snowing! In Tallinn, the snowfall was 25 cm in the night. Looking out of the window it seems like you entered a

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Helena-Reet: Preparations for the upcoming ERM exhibition (propose your good ideas!!!) + RECIPE for a good home-made oven roast!

NordenBladet – This week has been invested in further developing the exhibition to be held in the Estonian National Museum (ERM). Twice this week I was with Ivanka Shoshana (12) in our ceramics club during which I, too, prepared a

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Helena-Reet: Weekend in Viljandi (Estonia)

NordenBladet – Last week turned out to accommodate quite a lot of activities – many things that were accomplished at home, also the clay workshop with Ivanka Shoshana and myself, the writing of a children’s book “His Majesty Mouse the

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Helena-Reet: New hair-do + super info! Commenced pencilling “His Highness Mouse the First” novel!

NordenBladet – It is difficult for me to grasp how people can complain about boredom. As for me, all of my days are so eventful, reflecting on everything is getting way too complicated. Days are long and packed with several

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Helena-Reet: The work on Elisheva & Shoshana brand

NordenBladet – It was a long time from here when I used to dream about a personal beauty brand. For many years this remained merely a dream, but one fine day I recognized that in our lives most of the

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Helena-Reet: A visit to Tempus centre Wittenstein in Paide wall tower and a celebration in Tainas Catering cafe

NordenBladet – On Sunday, 10 January, we had a small road trip to Central Estonia. While restrictions related to Covid-19 risk prohibited any events and gatherings in Tallinn, we had been invited to a special birthday party in Paide. Firstly,

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