The Swedish Royal Guards at the Independence Day Parade in Tallinn

NordenBladet — On General Riho Terras invitation Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, Micael Bydén, has given the Swedish Royal Guards the task of participating in the yearly Independence Day Parade. The parade is an essential part of Estonia’s Independence Day celebrations that take place every year on the 24th of February. 

The Royal Guard Company will participate with 11 soldiers wearing a dark blue uniform from year 1886. They will also parade with 1896 model rifles (mauser). The Royal Guard Company is especially trained for protection duties and war fighting in urban environment. They also act as honorary guard at state ceremonies. The Company is part of the Royal Guard that is one of the world’s oldest today active military formations. The Royal Guard dates back to the time of Gustav Vasa and the year of 1523.

The Royal Guard Company is here to celebrate the Republic of Estonia 100th year of independence and to show the close and highly valued co-operation that exists between Sweden and Estonia.

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