Helena-Reet: Poor people are bitter, envious and mean

Helena-Reet: Poor people are bitter, envious and mean

NordenBladet – All my life I have said to myself that poor people are honest and good but the truth is that they are bitter, envious and mean. My parents have raised me in a spirit that poor people are nice and honest. But are they really? In my opinion, there is nothing to admire in a poor person and while speaking about a poor person I do not mean a person who has little money but the person who is not able to dream anymore and has lost one’s self-confidence.

A poor person does everything to make also other people fade away, give up their dreams and just give in. A poor person complains and accuses everyone, and he or she does not like anything. A poor person is always whining and looking for a person to blame for one’s fucked up life (Excusez moi!). A poor person hates work and is honest only in fairy tales. A poor person is a loser who wants to spread one’s bad mood like a plaque, he or she is bitter and does not remember anything good, just bad.

An envious poor person is poor because he/she is dumb and jealous. Envy makes you stupid and stupidity envious. A smart person can see further and likes cooperation, he/she is not greedy and likes sharing. In addition, I have noticed that a rich person is a lot more hard-working and caring than a poor person. A poor person is complaining while a rich person is solving problems. A rich person sees life positively, he/she is creative and kind. The rich stick together, whereas the poor keep bragging. In other words, a rich person is kind and happy because everything is fine. But whose fault is that? Are the rich guilty in having a nice life and coping well?

Why am I writing about this? Because sadly to say, I have lost faith in commoners as I have been repeatedly disappointed in them. I do not want to generalize, but I am sad, that the play titled Mindless by Jaan Tätte is 100% about real life. I just do not understand why the play is advertised as a comedy. I think it is depressing. The poor people try to get a free-ride at the rich’s expense and when they do not benefit directly from it, they turn their backs. The poor do not have any aims, priorities, nor moral. No dreams. You may hate me, if you would like to, but I find the world to be fucked up. People’s values are fake and wrong, I do not know whom to believe or not. All the people want is money, nothing is sacred to anyone anymore.

I just want peace and quiet…
and to pat my cat …
I am so disappointed in people at the moment.

Dot. The end.

Featured image: Lovely picture about my dream Estonia – simple but never poor (specially in the heart).

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