Helena-Reet: The higher you fly, the harder you fall

Helena-Reet: The higher you fly, the harder you fall

NordenBladet – I have been riding a wave for some time and now I have to admit that failure and setbacks are ingredients of success. A plane flying high has to land at some point and should be refueled, as endless flying is just not possible. The same thing is with me. I work alone and successfully by doing the work of a whole team of an editorial.

The same thing is with our co-authors, we have done impossible with our small team by taking OHMYGOSSIP under a huge Scandinavian media group and made OHMYGOSSIP into one of the most famous entertainment webs. OHMYGOSSIP is read in Estonia, and we have struggled our way to the top of Scandinavian most read publications, and we are known in Brasilia and America.

Now, functioning under NordenBladet, we have closed several Scandinavian offices on behalf of optimal management, and we are trying to do the same in the joint cooperation between NordenBladet and OHMYGOSSIP – it is the key to success – Helena-Reet. Helena-Reet is a wizard who solves all the problems smoothly. I am at the point where I feel that I have given too much, I have given up my life and my private life. Do not misunderstand me; I love my work and enjoy it in full, but as a person and as a woman I feel that there could be something more. My relationship with my partner is on thin ice and my nerves and capabilities are strained to the max, to the limit when a person feels that it is time to get something in return, not just to give.

Getting and giving is the next topic I would like to discuss. A lot of people have misunderstood my previous blog. I got a lot of feedback and now I am trying to answer to all of you at once. I do not hate poor people… I am not that rich myself… but I hate the approach of life and the mindset of poor people. I do not like the people who radiate negative energy and break the dreams of other people, the people who pull you down, not help you to build your life. I despise the people who eat the energy and waste the time of other people and wish to free-ride at the expense of others. I cannot stand the poor people who do not want to give anything but have their hands out to take from others and afterwards are always ready to humiliate and mock. No moral, no conscience, without other such qualities (my mother could continue this list for hours). There are many poor people who are mentally rich. Money is not wealth. Money means prosperity. A person with less money can be wealthier than a person who has more money, in other words, a person can be rich having no penny in one’s pocket and poor a person who has a golden toilet knob.

Let’s get back to success and setbacks. I feel that I have reached a point where I am destroying myself and others around me, and I am turning to this poor and bitter person who is making everyone else as miserable as I am, if I do not change anything in my life. I do not want to be this narrow-minded, bitter and bad person who sees only bad things, not good, the latter has happened to me quite a lot lately. I do not notice good things and hurt the people who do not deserve it at all. No one hurts others as much as we hurt ourselves.

Negativity kills you and your friends around you. I have reached the point where I have to admit to myself that I am stuck, I need to restart my life, I need a vacation, I need acknowledgement and probably a good … ah, let’s leave it there.

Please forgive me whom I have hurt. I am planning to get better and not to remain this bitter and overworked bitch who I have lately been.

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