My last greater investment – #NordicBloggers

My last greater investment – #NordicBloggers

NordenBladet – Scandinavia and Nordic countries attract investors like bees to a honeypot. It is no wonder that the Nordic attract with their ancient myths, heroes, mystical creatures, legends and success stories, Scandinavia with its intensity and wealth. It is the source of success no company wants to miss. It is a destination no one wishes to skip to visit, you would definitely want to see these territories, this culture and the opportunities everyone would like to benefit from.

Today, as the manager of NordenBladet, one of the biggest consolidated company in the Nordic (read more about it HERE), my priorities are targeted at the strong Scandinavian and Nordic conception. As the American president, Mr. Donald Trump has said “America first”, I say “Scandinavia first”. There is something special in Nordic countries, even the greatest and richest in the world know it. Nordic countries are full of mysticism, opportunities, ancient legends and the events that have affected the whole world, furthermore, there live the world’s strongest fairies and powerful psychics. Scandinavia is full of mysticism, the mysticism that even the strongest wise men, the cleverest witches and the world’s most powerful secret organisations cannot explain. Nordic countries are hiding a key to life that can be understood only by Scandinavians, the natives. Nordic countries have attracted the people all over the world by its opportunities, capacities, mystery and exquisite nature. Though, this nature and these opportunities only open up to those who wholeheartedly endorse this ecosystem. If you would like to be part of this mysticism, power and opportunities, you have to be a local resident, even an ancient local, only then can nature, the forces of nature and the country fully open itself up.

I’ll try to keep to the point, as I actually wanted to talk about my new investment – #NordicBloggers. The previous was like an introduction to the topic. At the moment the most important individuals affecting the world live in Scandinavia. The results of all search systems speak with one voice, the companies all over the world are looking for powerful bloggers, product advertisers and so-called influencers specifically from Nordic countries. BlogList24 is the web page that started to gather the strongest and most powerful bloggers in Nordic countries/ Scandinavia. NordenBladet bought 100% of the shares of BlogList24 last year and the brightest Scandinavian PR professionals put their heads together and created a brand named Nordic Bloggers. #NordicBloggers is a community that unites the best and most famous, most read and successful bloggers in Scandinavia. It is a sodality the member of which you can become with a special invitation and the aim of this is to maintain the quality and passion that is inherent in Nordic countries. Every tourist company would like to hire the members of #NordicBloggers to advertise their destinations and every private company or manufacturer would like to use the bloggers to popularise one’s brand. I am proud, happy and grateful to have #NordicBloggers in my portfolio of opportunities today.


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