Helena-Reet: Today was a national violin contest – My daughter, 11-year-old Estella Elisheva is officially the third best violinist in Estonia!

Helena-Reet: Today was a national violin contest – My daughter, 11-year-old Estella Elisheva is officially the third best violinist in Estonia!

NordenBladet – The apple of my eye, 11-year-old Estella Elisheva brings me joy every day! Today she returned home withe the title “Estonia’s best violinist” III prize – and she is just 11 years old! I am so proud! Super great thanks to Saku Music School teacher Kaari Klesment who has developed such passion for music in her! This is so cool – I am genuinely happy, grateful and proud! Such great accomplishment in her age group as well as generally in a broader perspective.

We have conversations every day with Estella Elisheva about life and future – she has a very clear idea about her life and future. We both are definitely truly glad for all these achievements, but we also know that the world is wide and broad and the fact that someone is super successful in the home country does not automatically guarantee breakthrough and success in the entire world. Yet we have eyes on the big prize – no more no less than being well known around the world, a renowned violinist. To elaborate on the previous idea – my own goal is to see my daughter become the best and best known violinist in the world and her personal goal is to become a good and talented violinist who enjoys music – we hereby represent quite different views and oftentimes we have disputes on that – we both are somewhat stubborn and try to defend our ideas, moral and beliefs. She is an artist while I am a businesswoman – however, our cooperation is going well. We both motivate each other – it is actually rather unbelievable how an 11-year-old child can motivate her 39-year-old mother and how I can inspire her to practice and also dream big. We are the dream team! I love you Estella Elisheva! You are so fine! I am so happy for another great achievement of yours!

Playing Morrison´s Jig – such a great piece of Celtic music! Morrison´s Jig – Also known as Cry Of The Celtic, Jim Morrison’s, Maurice Carmondy’s Favorite, Maurice Carmondy’s Favourite, Mayor Harrison’s Fedor, Morrison’s Aaron, Morrison’s No. 1, Paddy Stack’s Fancy, Port Ui Mhuirgheasa, Stick Across The Hob, The Stick Across The Hob, Tom Carmondy’s Favorite. This jig, usually just called “Morrison’s,” gets its name from the renowned Sligo-born Irish-American fiddler James Morrison (1891 – 1947) who, in fact, did not write it Celtic music is a broad grouping of music genres that evolved out of the folk music traditions of the Celtic people of Western Europe. It refers to both orally-transmitted traditional music and recorded music and the styles vary considerably to include everything from "trad" (traditional) music to a wide range of hybrids. Celtic music means two things mainly. First, it is the music of the people that identify themselves as Celts. Secondly, it refers to whatever qualities may be unique to the music of the Celtic Nations. #musician #musicproduction #100daysofpractice #music #viola #violin #skripka #violino #fiol #violinist #violinista #viiul #viiuldaja #viulu #viulunsoittaja #fiolspelare #playingviolin #snkt #americasgottalent #xfactor #youngmusician #celticmusic #Irishmusic #vikings #teenchoice #lovemusic #sunägukõlabtuttavalt #Scandinavianviolinist #OHMYGOSSIPteen #EstellaElisheva

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