Helena-Reet: Our little home-bakery, my little hobby-baker, ideas for new flowerbeds +2 NordenBladet-related MISSIONS!

Helena-Reet: Our little home-bakery, my little hobby-baker, ideas for new flowerbeds +2 NordenBladet-related MISSIONS!

NordenBladet – Who wouldn’d like homemade food and drinks, freshly from the oven pies and cakes. Our family has already been pampered with these, since my 11-year-old daughter Estella Elisheva is kind of a hobby-baker and is always preparing something while not at school, music school or training.

Best of all she likes to prepare salty and sweet cookies (cakes, pies, croissants), to experiment with various interesting sweet dishes (yoghurt ice cream, yoghurt dessert, curd cream etc.) and then again at times she prepares the everyday dishes. Just recently she prepared pasta with eggs and Irish casserole. I do not even need to mention fresh smoothies – those she began to mix already in kindergarten.

And now a little about my individual activities… Peppermint tea is among our family’s favourites, thus in the coming year I intend to expand our so-called peppermint plantation and add 4 new kinds of peppermint that I plan to duplicate (you can read about my experience with gathering and drying of herbs HERE). At the moment the ground is still frozen, but as soon as the night cold have passed I will set up new plants. Right now the plants are inside in the boxes. Also, I plan to design a strawberry-bed for the children. A few years ago we had extensive strawberry-beds, but I removed them since there was no time to deal with everything – there were too many other things to accomplish. My garden is half a hectare, I have a large household, small children, a job in Scandinavia’s fastest growing media group NordenBladet (read about Scandinvian media groups HERE), that also accommodates all OHMYGOSSIP-sites and various brand developments. I am working on the last of these as a volunteer and extra to the work hours and work days that I spend on those purposes, I also invest a significant amount of my own finances to preserve the Scandinavian cultural heritage and make it known in Scandinavia as well as other parts of the world. I value culture as well as quality media and I so wish that media could serve as reflection of the truth and a means of education. Something that would create a positive feeling, be didactic and motivate to become a better person and see bigger picture.


My elder daughter Estella Elisheva regularly keeps an eye on my posts and oftentimes tells me: „Mommy, don’t put that much advertisement text there, people would just skip it.“ But for me it is not advertising – it is conveying the truth – i wish that people would grasp the world at large, I wish that the Northern countries would maintain their mysterious atmosphere and I wish that people would omit committing suicide. I wish that there would be alleviation for depression and that people would think kindly about nature, about animals and which is the most difficult – about their nearest and dearest. It might sound a bit shallow – but I really hope for it. I really do hope for it – more than wealth, property, glory or other goods of the society.

The mission of NordenBladet is to sustain and elevate the Northern cultural heritage and to pass along the traditions and values, build networks, design a better future for the citizens of Northern countries, to distribute knowledge and offer quality information.

Possibly this is the reason why we are so successful that we put our heart into what we do – we do not chase statistics, we aim for content. The areas that interest us are advancement of the values of welfare society, environment, politics, culture, tourism, education, science, regional collaboration, health, children and family values. Our subpages (OHMYGOSSIP) are furnished with fashion and beauty, relationships and entertainment issues. Also we administrate the blog platforms Bloglist24 and NordicBloggers, that bring together ca 300 000 bloggers.

At times all of this grows and goes on over my head. Yet I feel more and more that I enjoy being in the garden. Not that I particularly enjoy the pursuit of attaining a weedless garden. On the contrary, I find creative mess to be very pleasant and I like the garden when it is wild – I want more of nature. Nature is a perfect alternative at moments when you are off duty and not working intensely. Nature gives you so much – I talk to nature, communicate with it, nature is a friend of mine! I am fond of nature, I would never again prefer an urban apartment. And sometimes I think to myself – would it be too late to study horticulture or biology. I like environmental matters. I want to be close with nature and I want the reader to be close with nature – to advance the love for nature – this is my alternative little mission that I intend to realize through NordenBladet!


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