SYMBOLISM: Are you seeing 11:11 everywhere? Do you know what this number means? Significance of One (1, 11, 111, 1111)

SYMBOLISM: Are you seeing 11:11 everywhere? Do you know what this number means? Significance of One (1, 11, 111, 1111)

NordenBladet – Are you seeing 11:11 everywhere? Do you know what this number means? Some believe that the actual meaning of 11:11 is a sign that angelic beings are close by. They come with love and protection, and they want to bring you clarity and guidance. Sequences of numbers have very special meaning, often dual and/or amplified messages from your spirit guide or guardian angels.

Many times, sequences of the same numbers are presented to you to catch your attention, so as to better send you a message. There are no coincidences. Series of the same number may also include subtle message enhancements such as indicated below. Generally, the same sequence of number have very similar meanings but also added meanings to the sequence.

1 – The meaning, significance, or vibrations of the Number 1 (one) is Beginnings, New, Self Development, Striving Forward, Positive, Forward Progress, and Courage. Number 1 is attributed with the symbolism of New or Beginnings. Have you been struggling with a situation in life? Usually, this number signifies that a new day is dawning and your struggles are being put into the past. Doors are closing in your life but new ones will open with courage to step forward. All endeavors have a beginning and this is a portent that you are on a new path on your journey through this life.

11 – Master Number. Recurring Master Number of 11 indicates renewed cycle or new beginning are occurring in your life. Care must be taken on what you are focusing on. With the Number 2 energetic vibrations, it is an indication that you are in harmony at the current time. Stay in harmony. Focus your attention on what you want to create, not your current conditions.

111 – Recurring 111 number sequence indicates new opportunities, new beginnings, or continued growth in a new cycle. Three ones also resonates with the God Number 3 vibrations. Combined with the Number 111, indicates that you are on the path that resonates well with your higher self.

1111 – This a powerful number sequence that one often sees when they are at their cusp of manifestation of their deepest desires. Since this number also resonates with the Number 4 engery vibration, effort must be made to manifest your intentions. Mediate daily on the Number 1111 to get in contact with your higher self and to clear your thoughts of any distractions. Now is the time to continue to focus, with positive and grateful attitude, on what you truly desire. As you progress, you should see other number sequences come to your attention meaning that you are genuinely progressing.

11:11  – is the number of masters. The ascended masters are sending you the message that you, yourself, are a divine aspect of the Universe, a master at being yourself. It’s no coincidence that every year, from November 11th and up until January 11th, we’re going through a period called the months of divine trinity. All in all, this is a divine time that brings tremendous opportunities for all of us, to wake up and embrace our true divine light.

But, there is more than just one reason why you are seeing 11:11. Here is a list of what seeing 11:11 means.

1st Meaning of 1111: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

One of the meanings of 11:11 is that the Universe has sampled your thought sequence and that will manifest almost instantly in your physical reality. In this sense, 11:11 or 1:11 is a message from divine angel beings that you need to monitor your thoughts with greater attention, and make sure that they are focusing on the things that you want, and not the things that you don’t want.  The 11:11 numeric sequence is a divine sign that an opportunity portal is opening up for you, allowing your thoughts to manifest with the speed of light. Are you happy with the thoughts that you’re sending to the Universe? If yes, be assured they will soon manifest in your life. If not, correct them and ask your angels and spirit guides to help you change negative thoughts with more positive ones.

2nd Meaning of 1111: You Can Start Manifesting Your True Self

What do you want to manifest into your life experience? This is the first question you need to ask yourself when you’re seeing 11:11. Another meaning of 11:11 is that you are sent a divine message to remember that you are the creator of your reality and you need to take responsibility for it. Your current situation is the result of your past thoughts and actions. So what do you want to manifest into your reality? Whatever that is, it will be the direct manifestation of your thought patterns. And your thoughts will manifest faster than ever. Keep in mind that the Universe doesn’t judge your decisions, it just makes them happen. It’s your decision to choose what you want to manifest in this life experience. The message behind 11:11 is that you are to take responsibility and create consciously. You are the creator – the writer, producer, director, and actor in your own story.

3rd Meaning of 1111: You “Re-Member” Yourself

11:11 is a coded molecular structure of “Re-Membering” and reactivating the inner master that resides within you, your true self. Re-member is a term that emphasizes the idea of putting the pieces of yourself, your “members” together into their rightful order. In a way, remembering who you really are. The meaning behind 11:11 is related to your biological ascension because it is the gateway towards ascension. Whenever you see 11:11, the cellular memory is reactivated within you, and you have this sense that you remember something you’ve long forgotten. You’re remembering your true divine nature. You are an individual piece of the Universal Creator, and we are collectively the Universe.

4th Meaning of 1111: You Are on the Path of Awakening

Whenever you’re seeing 11:11 or 1:11 number patterns, you’re called to awaken. A direct channel opens between you and your higher self. 11:11 is a point of merging the physical and non-physical realities of YOU. When this happens, it’s time to stop from any mundane activity you’re doing and look at the bigger picture of life. What you perceive might be imperfect, but the Universal Creator sees perfection on the divine level. Imperfections are simply imperfections to you, but not to the Universal Source. It’s time to see the illusion of life and the true divine reality of all that is. You’re on your path to awakening!

5th Meaning of 1111: Set an Intention (Make a Wish!)

Whenever you’re seeing 11:11, know that it is a wake-up call of divine intervention. It’s time to make a wish and know your intention can manifest for your highest good, and for all mankind. It’s the intention of the thought itself that counts. As humans, we ascend and descend continuously, with every thought and every word. In a sense, ascension is born within each breath, in each and every moment of our lives. Each of us is growing toward the light at our own pace. Essentially, we are all moving in the same direction to be one with the Universal Creator. The meaning of 11:11 is that you are being called for ACTION. What were you thinking at the moment when you saw 11:11? Follow the signs. You are awakening to your true self as you are being divinely guided to your purpose.

11:11 is a wake-up call. Follow your passion and you will find your purpose!


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