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DROPLET INFECTIONS spread mainly via hands – proper washing of hands will keep infections at bay! + GUIDELINE, how to correctly wash hands

NordenBladet – Careful hand hygiene helps keep infectious diseases at bay, therefore especially during seasons when infectious diseases are spreading, it is useful to clean hands properly. Paying too little attention to hand hygiene is the most common reason for

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5 BALLS OF LIFE: Coca-Cola’s former CEO Brian Dyson’s commencement speech on love, work, family and friendship

NordenBladet – The 5 balls of life speech by Coca-Cola’s former CEO Brian Dyson is one of the more viral speeches circulating in the web. In line with Apple founder Steve Jobs’ famous announcement speech at Stanford University, Dyson addresses

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New game helps improve your eating habits + GAME!

NordenBladet – What does truly healthy and sustainable food look like on a plate in the Nordic Region, Canada, Indonesia or Brazil? A new interactive game launched today, on World Food Day, helps you find out. Using gamification of evidence

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Estonia: The “HOIA” coronavirus tracing app launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs

NordenBladet – Estonia’s coronavirus exposure notification app “HOIA” launches today (August 20) and is now available to download. ERR News spoke to Priit Tohver, Ministry of Social Affairs adviser in the field of e-services and innovation, to find out what

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ARE WE ABLE TO increase our creativity, intuitive knowledge, memory and intelligence by altering brain waves?

NordenBladet – Ancient peoples knew that sound could help us change consciousness and unleash the power of the spirit, which is usually not possible through ordinary consciousness. Anthropologists who have studied ancient shamanic rituals have found that drum rhythm sounds

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15 SELF-DESTRUCTIVE traits that cause serious diseases

NordenBladet – Many medical theories today estimate that nearly 70% of all diseases are caused by negative thoughts or emotional stress. Diseases caused this way are called psychosomatic, and these health concerns include both your mind and body. Even short-term

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DO YOU suffer from hair loss? Finally, here is the solution!

NordenBladet – Throughout the ages, hair has been a symbol of femininity, and the appearance of hair has always been very important to women. Hair shows who we are and what we value. Women have a deeply personal relationship with

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Do you LOVE to sleep long? 7 PROVEN TIPS to prevent oversleeping!

NordenBladet – Did you know that sleeping for too long or more than ten hours has a negative effect on your well-being, concentration and even on your appetite? According to sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo, there has been a lot of

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NEWLY LAUNCHED STUDY: Coronavirus spreads further than authorities claim, virus STAYS IN THE AIR for 30 minutes

NordenBladet – Authorities recommend people to keep a distance of 1–2 meters to avoid catching the virus, but according to a recent study, the virus can infect people as far as 4.5 meters. The virus also remains viable in the

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12 SIMPLE AND TESTED TRUTHS that help you reach the breakthrough in your life!

NordenBladet – Fortune and success have different meanings for different people. For an ambitious person it is not just the promotion at work or a dream home, but constantly overcoming obstacles and setting new tasks and solving them. While success

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