Helena-Reet: Our little garden party, integration and 12 boxes of ice cream from Balbiino Jätsiabi (ice cream ambulance)

Helena-Reet: Our little garden party, integration and 12 boxes of ice cream from Balbiino Jätsiabi (ice cream ambulance)

NordenBladet – Yesterday we jointly celebrated in our garden the birthdays of Estella Elisheva (12) and Ivanka Shoshana (10). Estella started out the morning with a 4 km run and a fresh smoothie, Ivanka chose the clothes to wear for the occasion of guests arriving. My preparations began already on Wednesday. For many days I was tidying and beautifying the garden, I mowed the lawn, and on Friday I started preparing the food – I compiled the menu all on my own. At the same time the menu was homely – macaroni salad, baked potato, wiener, fresh salad, fruit and for dessert raspberry-strawberry-blueberry-banana cake with whipped cream. And beside that also popcorn and Balbiino ice cream!

I assume you have seen the delighted face of a child that is eating an ice cream? But have you seen the face of a child witnessing an ice cream vehicle entering the garden drive and loading off 12 large boxes of ice cream, every box containing 20-40 ice creams?! If you haven’t seen that face, I might try to describe it… Actually I suppose it is not possible to put it in words and I believe the best authors throughout history would lack the most suitable words. Briefly, there it was – Balbiino Jätsiabi driving to our garden and making a memorable present for our darling little birthday girls. We ourselves as well as our neighbours now have the fridges filled with ice cream for quite some time. Many thanks for this, Balbiino!

Estella had thought of various thrilling games – from finding the treasure to several sports games. She is very creative – with only a few instruments she builds intriguing plots. Three of her friends stayed overnight at our home, the girls stayed up late and played Alias, Monopoly and nicely integrated – a few of the guests speak Russian at home while others are Estonian-speaking. At school (the Tallinn Jewish School) Estella speaks Russian, in music classes (Saku music school), at the training and with the neighbours she speaks Estonian. The weather was wonderful and our sweet garden party was a success in every way!

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