Helena-Reet: With daughter Estella Elisheva at Amarillo’s „The Table” event + PHOTOS & VIDEO!

Helena-Reet: With daughter Estella Elisheva at Amarillo’s „The Table” event + PHOTOS & VIDEO!

NordenBladet – Although in Estonia I am not the most earnest visitor of restaurants and cafes, it is sometimes impossible to say no to some offers – when something unique/novel takes place somewhere then I want to see it with my own eyes! Namely, cafe Amarillo has come out with a cool concept of eight guests being seated at the same table in the restaurant, enjoying a surprise menu.

I was introduced to this event by Solo by Sokos Hotels Estoria and Original by Sokos Hotels Viru Head of Marketing Evelin Org. Initially I was rather doubtful wheter I should attend, but now in retrospect I think of visiting this event once more! It was fun! I also send greetings to my new acquaintances! 😀

A table for eight can be booked by a group of friends or if you wish to attend the event individually of with some companion (like me), then besides the surprise menu you will also experience new neighbours. Hahaaa… Crazy but brilliant! This is ideal for those who like to communicate and find new contacts. What I also liked about this event was the flexible menu – you could choose a vegan menu or enjoy a rich meat selection. Also the cocktails accordingly came with alcohol or were non-alco – this ensured enjoyment for those who had arrived by car from work and also for those who had planned some sizzle for the evening. Since the event begins at six then it is possible to attend also with older children.

Estella Elisheva (12) is already quite experienced – I often take her with me so that she may see how things are done and how everything works. She is now probably more proficient than I myself were at 21. When your child travels, they will witness various circumstances, communicate – and will develop sooner. She has been to numerous foreign conferences, press travels, fairs – thanks to this she understands the importance of precision, speaking languages, having contacts and knowing the etiquette. She can comprehend business dinners, she learns the little craft manners. I have now been travelling with her nearly two years and oftentimes she is more free, more efficient and concrete than some grown-up would be. In addition to broadening the horizon this will also create a stronger mother-daughter bond. I love her so much and it is love that I want my children to feel. Even if I had in my opinion not always enough to afford to them finances-wise, then they would never have to feel the lack of love and security. I am the mother lion! 😀

But why this jibber-jabber… Let the pictures speak for themselves! Below you can see pictures from the suprise dinner event „The Table” that took place at the Amarillo’s!

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