Helena-Reet: Commencing a vlog stream together with Estella Elisheva! VIEW the first vlog and read about how the video was completed!

Helena-Reet: Commencing a vlog stream together with Estella Elisheva! VIEW the first vlog and read about how the video was completed!

NordenBladet – Yesterday with Estella Elisheva (12) we got the idea to begin doing vlog posts. After all, we are planning to go on a 3500km road trip to Finland towards the end of October (read about it HERE), and we would wish to prepare a few mini movies about the journey. As for ourselves, we have been following various YouTubers and have decided to give it a try in Youtube ourselves. So for the first time I took some videos with my photo camera (using Canon EOS 600D) and uploaded them. Soon we were facing the question – how can one edit the video to assemble it into a narrative – never done a similar thing before.

For quite a while I was searching for a program to use and decided to use Movavi Video Suite. It is a fee-based program and cost 69 EUR. By the way, visiting the page at different times the site displays a new price every time… Anyway. Having purchased the video program, I looked at it as if it were a wonder of the world. Didn’t understand a thing. After browsing YouTube and viewing a tutorial, I decided to get started. And quite as a surprise everything went rather smoothly. Not yet am I so skilled that I could use special effects, and cropping the video to the suitable size also still need practicing, but for the first try I managed quite well, I think. A major problem actually, I guess, is the fact that my camera has very narrow zoom, and also I yet haven’t got a tripod – this beautifully illustrates how my hand is shaking… iccc. So, as a result we have this nice little homemade video 😀

It is really cool how we actually already learned during the first vlog – during the filming as well as during the assemble.. Next time we are already smarter in a few aspects and more long-sighted. My dream is to learn filming at a level that allows to use the green screen and add special effects. Should anybody know a super fine instruction course about it or agrees to “shed light on this world”, please drop me an email! Further on, for Estella Elisheva this is going to be a proper stage training – there is nothing above that than seeing oneself from the other side of the screen. Should she for example wish to start giving lectures or speak in front of a large auditorium, then compiling these videos would develop that skill largely. I am rather convinced that once we get as far as the 30th vlog post and then look back at this first vlog, we would laugh at how rough it started out. However, a beginning of something is always difficult – one must not be scared of that. When I was younger, I often did that – never were willing to upload anything or come out with anything unless it were at its perfection, but seeking perfection in everything might bring along the situation when many great projects remain undisclosed. So my recommendation for my child is that we learn by doing and we must not be excessively critical towards ourselves.

Anyway, I do hope that you might like this vlog! Please add comments (below this video or directly to me on FB), what it is that you would most of all like to see Estella Elisheva upload the vlogs about!


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