Lapland Chamber of Commerce – Promoting Arctic business

Lapland Chamber of Commerce – Promoting Arctic business

NordenBladet – Lapland Chamber of Commerce is the Northernmost Chamber of Commerce in the European Union. Its mission is to create success and growth for business in Lapland and Finland by promoting local businesses, entrepreneurship, economic freedom, fair competition and international trade.

The Chamber was established in 1939 and it operates both regionally and nationwide, offering business related support services and comprehensive networking possibilities for companies looking to expand or export their business. Members of the Chamber include a variety of companies from different industries and branches of business, from big industrial companies to SME’s, as well as municipalities and other industry stakeholders.

Lapland Chamber of Commerce offers its members high quality events, trainings and workshops as well as various counseling services designed to support local companies and their growth. As the Northernmost Chamber of Commerce in Europe, arctic issues are the expertise of the Lapland Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is also a member of the Arctic Economic Council and the Northern Forum.

1. Promoting Arctic Know-How
Lapland Chamber of Commerce actively promotes the internationalization of local businesses. The Chamber provides its members with business export counseling in Lapland, helps companies grow their networks and provides the latest information of changes in the business operation environment of Northern Europe.

Companies looking to expand their area of operation abroad can also benefit from the events arranged by the Lapland Chamber of Commerce, as well as enjoy the extensive networks and a comprehensive list of international business contacts the Chamber holds.

In addition to the events and counseling supporting the internationalisation of companies, the Chamber also confirms and issues foreign trade documents such as ATA Carnet customs documents and European export certificates.

2. Northern networks and partnerships
International Arctic business cooperation and networking play an active role in the Chamber activities. The Lapland Chamber of Commerce is an active member of various business networks and communities in the Arctic and can offer valuable contacts to businesses willing to expand their network.

Through the extensive network Lapland Chamber of Commerce has, companies can find new potential customers, business partners and key business contacts in their operation area. The Chamber also organizes events and actively participates in forums focusing on various topics of business growth, competitiveness and innovation, economic fluctuations and business exports. These events are an excellent way to learn more about business development and export possibilities in Lapland and network with the key stakeholders in the area.

3. Arctic business forum
The annual Arctic Business Forum introduces the latest business development of the Arctic, investigates global and local trends and future prospects, and offers companies and organizations the chance to present their own business at the forum.

The Arctic Europe has been calculated to hold investment potential worth of at least 197 billion euro. The forum offers valuable information about the possibilities and future investment potential of the Arctic region both for the local business representatives and international investors. The aim of the forum is to build networks and relationships among the region’s various business representatives.

The speakers of the Arctic Business Forum are all key representatives and stakeholders from various fields of Arctic industry. The themes addressed cover topics such as business investment potential in the Arctic, business policies and risks, innovation and Arctic cooperation.

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