Helena-Reet: Packing for the journey to Finland… about to find out how many belongings a small car can accommodate

Helena-Reet: Packing for the journey to Finland… about to find out how many belongings a small car can accommodate

NordenBladet – Already this Saturday I will commence a major road trip to Finland with my children, planning to round practically all of Finland. I have arranged many meetings, also there are Estella Elisheva’s several photoshoots in the schedule for her Instagram account (@Estella.Elisheva), her homepage ( as well as for OHMYGOSSIP teen platform (see the website HERE, the Instagram account HERE).

The travel program will include various SPA visits, plenty of restaurants and hotels, meetings with friends and business partners, visits to offices, supervision of estate (there is a tiny plan to buy land and estate in Northern Finland), and on top of that a loooot of driving.

Now that the first Elisheva & Shoshana care cosmetics series products have been launched for the market, I am hoping already during this journey to discuss various cooperation opportunities. The product wrappings (stamping, print, final touch for the boxes) were ordered from Tallinn from the printing company and they should be arriving any day now. Then I need to complete the wrapping of the handmade soaps into the boxes, to be taken with me along to the journey. While E&S products are all premium class and targeted for a consumer that will seek classical style and high quality, then I would first and foremost consider apothecaries as the resellers. We have enormously emphasized the choice of ingredient compounds and we see the products as belonging to the series of apothecary cosmetics. Our products would be described by key words such as honesty, efficiency, and quality. We have also indicated possible allergenes on the product cover, which in some cases would be 0.0001% probability of being contained in it. Most of our products already on the market and those to be launched any minute have been created for people with gentle and sensitive skin. Our slogan is: “So Gentle, So Pure!”. Keeping this in mind, we create and compile all our recipes. The key ingredients are natural and have been grown, collected and dried by us in most part.

So there is a lot to be packed for the journey. Two weeks clothing for three people, bags, footwear, also samples of the products (several boxes/baskets), school books (assignments are to be completed despite being away from school), the violin, training kits and SPA garments, hiking equipment, skiing supply, Ivanka’s toys, laptops, small vehicle TV screens, etc… the list is so long. Besides I will be taking a big box full of food and beverages for picnics. And then for myself Saku GO non-alco light beer – this is among my favourites lately! One enormous suitcase is already full and I even haven’t properly started packing yet. I have decided to travel with the smaller car (it consumes less petrol, considering the long distances that we will cover), yet the downside is that there is less space in it.

As of today, our journey trajectory would be the following: 20 October – we will stay in Tampere overnight, in Original Sokos Hotel Ilves, 21 October in Vöyri near Vaasa (I have rented an entire house there from the Finnish Swedes), 22 October in Oulu Bereak Sokos Hotel Eden, 23-24 October in Sirkka Levi Hotel SPA, 25-27 October we are in Rovaniemi (haven’t decided yet, whether I will rent an entire house or we will be staying in the hotel… I’ll decide when we get there), 27 October I am planning to stay overnight in Kajaani or Iisalmi in a quality hotel (again, I’ll decide when we get there, whether I bother to drive that long), 28-29 October we’ll stay in Kuopio ovenight, in Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi, 30 October is still an open end, however I believe that we’ll be in Jyväskylä, 31 October will be a day spent in Helsinki and we’ll be heading back to Tallinn on Viking Line. Those of you who will be travelling in the same places at the same time and wish to discuss our cooperation, make sure to contact me – write to me on FB or drop me an email to! Lots of sunshine! Hugs!


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