Find out if you are a MENTALLY STRONG PERSON + 15 things that self-confident people never do!

Find out if you are a MENTALLY STRONG PERSON + 15 things that self-confident people never do!

NordenBladet – One of the secrets of a happy life is the setting of challenges to oneself and then overcoming them. However, in theory it is always easier than in practice and thus in many cases people tend to lack self confidence and mental strength. People will solve problems differently, yet in order to achieve success it is most important that you change your set of mind – then your life will change along with the changing results! You can lead your life to the right direction and for this you must practice a proper attitude and not always settle for the easier way out.

1. ADJUSTMENT – a mentally strong person will adapt to new situations and is open to changes. A horizontal education and ability to adapt will guarantee success in the globalising society!

2. KEEPING CALM – even in the most complicated of situations you can remain calm and solve the problem intellectually. You avoid raising your voice.

3. REJECTING THE SUPERFICIAL – your thoughts, interests and actions are not superficial and you go further than the sweep-by-everything subjects. You do not see things only as they appear at first sight. You look into things and explore before drawing any conclusions.

4. ABILITY TO APOLOGIZE – an intelligent and mentally strong person will know when is time to apologize and this serves as elementary politeness, nothing to be ashamed of. You will realize when you have made a mistake and you are not afraid to admit your mistakes. You understand that by apologizing you will leave a better impression of yourself.

5. WHEN DOING SOMETHING YOU DO NOT EXCEPT A RETURN – selfless personalities will achieve more than those who only do things to get sth in return and for selfish reasons. Whenever you do a favor, you do not suppose the person will pay you back somehow. A mentally strong person will give to others more than they take.

6. YOU KNOW THE LIMITS – everyone of us has boundaries. And all situations have boundaries. A smart person will explore them, will set limits, will see that others do not cross the boundaries, and will respect the boundaries of others.

7. DO NOT PITY THEMSELVES – it is easy to become depressed and let the negative feelings take over. Yet self pity will not solve any problems. Instead of that the mentally strong person will think how to change the circumstances and how to turn the negative energy into positive energy.

8. LISTEN TO GOOD ADVICE – you are open to feedback and will listen to what others have to say. You are not afraid to express your opinion, neither are you turning a deaf ear to the opinions of others, be these positive or negative. You are open to feedback since you know that you can learn from it.

9. TRUST YOUR INNER FEELINGS – you rely on your inner feeling. You believe in experience, while this helps you recognize your inner voice and will help listen to it.

10. YOU ARE PRECISE – a mentally strong person is precise. No one needs to be waiting after them, and also their own schedules are carefully planned. You avoid postponing things. You like completing projects and assignments before moving on to new ones.

11. YOU CAN SAY “NO” – a mentally strong person will establish themselves and is not afraid to say “no”. Not everything must be liked, not everything can always be done, and you need not be everywhere always. You select the activities based on your needs and the schedule for the day.

12. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE EVERYTHING – there are things in life that we cannot change. There is no need to fight the unavoidable. Settle with the situation and move forward!

13. NOBODY LIKES A NOBODY – you must focus on yourself and worry less about what someone thinks about you. There is no pleasing everybody.

14. ABILITY TO FORGIVE – a mentally strong person is generous and sincere. Such a person will get on well with own self, will trust oneself and therefore will be able to forgive oneself as well as others. There is no reason to carry the negative burden. Every person has been born to develop spiritually, and there are inevitably mistakes and falling down now and then on the way.

15. LET OTHERS HELP YOU – you are ready to receive help. You know exactly the areas where you face deficiencies and you are not afraid to ask for help from others. Two heads are two heads!

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