ARE WE ABLE TO increase our creativity, intuitive knowledge, memory and intelligence by altering brain waves?

ARE WE ABLE TO increase our creativity, intuitive knowledge, memory and intelligence by altering brain waves?

NordenBladet – Ancient peoples knew that sound could help us change consciousness and unleash the power of the spirit, which is usually not possible through ordinary consciousness. Anthropologists who have studied ancient shamanic rituals have found that drum rhythm sounds have long been used to bring about changes in consciousness. Researchers have found that certain frequencies of drumming evoke Theta waves in the brain that overlap with the waves of the meditative state.

Is an adult able to increase their abilities and broaden their consciousness by changing the brain waves? Yes, it is possible!

In order to understand this concept, we first need to talk about the known types of brainwaves. There are four of them: 

Beta (14–30 Hz) represents a state of normal consciousness
Alpha (7–14 Hz) occurs in a relaxed state
Theta (4–7Hz) happens in a meditative state
Delta (0.5–4Hz) waves are the lowest that occur in deep sleep and deep in the meditative state
The latest waves studied are the Gamma waves, which are the fastest—about 30Hz and higher.

Why are brain waves important?
Because you can positively change your brain waves and achieve the desired results by using sound frequencies.

Theta state of mind has been associated with many extraordinary and even superpowers. Shamans and other people living close to nature, such as the Aborigines of Australia, have long known the so-called secret of having superpowers. It is known from stories passed down from shamans in the Southwest that Sitting Bull and Geronimo used mental power to travel through time, walk without a trace, interact with plants, and discover miraculous treatments.

Sounds are waves that can be measured at frequencies. Frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz)—the number of waves passing per second. For example, the note A of violin vibrates at about 440 Hz (440 vibrations per second).

Studies have shown that people who listen to the sounds of the Theta rage (4.0–7.0Hz) enter a deep meditative state and achieve greater visualization, inspiration, and reprogramming capabilities than in a normal (Beta) waking state.

Although the Theta meditative state is immensely valuable, the Beta and Gamma waves also has its advantages. If you need to improve your ability to do analytical or high-focus work, you may find it useful to listen to music with Beta / Gamma waves. These higher sound frequencies are associated with increased insight, higher information processing, and certain cognitive activities such as analysis and mathematics.

We are all able to learn how the power of sound can be used to change brain waves and move our lives in a certain direction.

There are several ways to change brain waves. For example, during a vision quest, you can tune in to the natural sounds of nature or listen to so-called entertaining audio pieces from the brain.

Heal yourself with sounds and think positive thoughts!

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