GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT NEEDED? The best gift idea is Nordic handicraft! The luxurious Elisheva & Shoshana giftbox is now available with a discount!

GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT NEEDED? The best gift idea is Nordic handicraft! The luxurious Elisheva & Shoshana giftbox is now available with a discount!

NordenBladet – Holiday season is arriving soon and the gift sacks need to be filled. Yet what gift to make for the nearest and dearest? It can most certainly be the Nordic and handmade products!

Elisheva & Shoshana’s this year’s luxurious gift package in the value of 57.70 is already on sale and available from webshop with more than 30% discount. Two care products for the head (efficient detox shampoo and scalp spray), a cozy 100% natural and stimulating bathing salt, and allergy-free and skin-friendly beautiful handicraft soap are available until the end of December or until sell-out with the nice price €39.90. Many discounts extend also to other products, and for everybody buying for over 50 euros, Elisheva & Shoshana will add a complimentary gift!

Giftbox 2020 is beautiful hand-wrapped and all ready to go! To the gift item we do not insert a check or any price-tags! Have a glance, what the package looks on the inside and on the outside and what exactly it contains, from the gallery below and from the product descriptions! Treat yourself and your circle with a memorable holiday gift and add some relaxation to your days, some pleasure and luxury. Attain a pleasant feeling and pamper your skin and hair with quality care products! The Scandinavian highly valued and loved E&S care products are suitable also for people with a more irritable skin, for expecting mothers and for toddlers, since they do not contain any synthetic fragrances and artificial pigment! The giftbox is available from E&S website – LINK TO PRODUCT.

1. Aloe Vera+ Deep Cleansing Detox Scalp Treatment Shampoo (200ml) LINK TO PRODUCT

Hair becomes greasy and dirty very quickly? There is no need to worry about that any more! The health and beauty of the hair begins with the scalp. Elisheva & Shoshana deep cleansing Detox scalp care shampoo with Aloe is an ultra efficient scalp and hair care product that normalises your scalp’s greasiness without irritating the skin and deeply and gently cleanses the scalp from former grease, dandruff and residue. With a skin-friendly pH level (pH 5.5), this shampoo improves microcirculation (the scalp’s blood supply), strengthens the roots of the hair and helps brittle and/or damaged hair grow quickly.

Aloe is a powerful herb that gives might and is rich in vitamins, it helps fight germs and fungi, in some cases also viruses. It helps protect the hair from outer pollution, sunburn and damage caused by heat (i.e. using the hairdryer), it adds moist. The shampoo can help alleviate the following scalp conditions: hair that quickly gets greasy, dandruff, hair falling out, psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrheic ezcema, pruritus, fungi, etc.

E&S “Deep cleansing Detox scalp care shampoo with Aloe” helps keep the scalp clean longer and renders the hair strong, shiny and healthy! It contains more than 75%  100%organic components and the product can be used by all age groups, incl. children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2. Magnesium Hair Energy Maximus+ Scalp spray (75ml) LINK TO PRODUCT

The healthy and beautiful hair begins with the healthy scalp. Elisheva & Shoshana “Magnesium Hair Energy Maximus+ scalp spray” is an ultra efficient scalp treatment product for individuals experiencing various scalp problems (dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis, dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, pruritus, fungal infection of the scalp and hair, etc). Magnesium Hair Energy Maximus+ scalp spray removes from the scalp the calcium salts that interfere with hair follicle and scalp oxygen metabolism. The spray is absorbed in the scalp immediately, it takes 5-15 second to enter the cells. Ten doses of spray amount to 100 mg (28% RDA).

E&S “Magnesium Hair Energy Maximus+ scalp spray” (15% concentration Zechstein magnesium chloride) is a suitable gift to pamper yourself as well as your loved ones – the spray protects the scalp and the hair against external taint, it boosts the hair and provides the scalp with sufficient hold of magnesium, it deeply cleanses the scalp, stimulates and activates the growth of hair follicles. The hair spray is 100% natural and it can be used by all age groups, incl. children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is also suitable for persons with diabetes and also for vegans. It prevents hair loss as well as dental decay in pregnant women and individuals on a special diet.

3. Eucalyptus + Sea Minerals Bath Salt (250g) LINK TO PRODUCT

Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) handmade “Eucalyptus and Sea Minerals Bath Salt” has a stimulating, refreshing and concentration enhancing effect. Eucalyptus boosts the respiratory function and helps relax the muscles after training, it alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. Sea minerals include 90 different minerals and microelements that help clean the organism from toxins, regulate the function of sebaceous glands and keep the skin young and fresh.

E&S Eucalyptus and minerals bathing salt is intensive, it lasts long and leaves a pleasant fragrance on the body and feet. The beautiful prestigious package and the unique bathing salt adds to the attractiveness of your bathroom design and is a wonderful gift for you as well as your loved ones.

Suitable for frequent use either as an all over procedure or also for the feet only.

4. Dandelion + Goat´s Milk soap (80-95g) LINK TO PRODUCT

Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) handmade “Dandelion and Goat´s Milk Soap” is delicate, odorless, skin purifying, protecting and nourishing bathing aid for hands and body. Blossoms of dandelion gathered from the fine fields of Estonia add to the soap the fair yellowish and greenish natural patches, thus making each one a petite masterpiece. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is considered a most powerful Nordic medical herb. Goat milk is known to be nature’s elixir, containing plenty of A, B6, B12 and E vitamins that carry the role of rejuvenating skin cells, and proteins that help free the skin from acne breeding bacteria.

E&S luxurious “Dandelion and Goat Milk Soap” is skin friendly, efficient and long lasting. It is suitable also for gentle and sensitive skin. The beautiful prestigious package enveloping the unparalleled quality soap will invest in your bathroom and serve as a splendid gift to featherbed your own individual self as well as a distinguished group of your loved ones.

Appropriate for use on a daily basis.



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