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HOW nalbinding from Scandinavia rose to glory and laid the foundations for today’s handicraft techniques

NordenBladet – Handicraft is no longer considered just a grandmother’s hobby. Among fashion gourmands, knitted, crocheted and embroidered items are highly priced, from sweaters to mittens. Also at fashion weeks you can see more and more knitted, embroidered and crocheted

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STUDY: Sleeping with your DOG in bed ensures better sleep

NordenBladet – Have you heard the saying that dogs don’t belong in bed? A recent Mayo Clinic study shows quite the opposite: sleeping with your dog is good for you. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the

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Plant these herbs in your garden and you will be worriless about mosquitos all summer + PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – Just now is the right time to begin with preparations in the garden – set ready the flowerbeds, grow the plants already in advance. Not a summer night goes by that wouldn’t bother us with the annoying gnats.

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Finnish gentleman discovers tick trap – during testing 100 ticks were collected in 15 minutes

NordenBladet – The Finnish fellow Reima grew tired of ticks and invented a smart tick trap. During testing within 15 minutes this trap attracted nearly 100 ticks and tick larvae. Reima Kutila developed a tick trap that from now on

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8 EXPERT ways to help any child get better sleep

NordenBladet – Up to 70% of children under age five have sleep problems. Sleep issues are complicated and have many causes. They’re hard to deal with because when children aren’t sleeping, parents aren’t sleeping, and that lack of sleep affects

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THE GUARANTEE OF WELLBEING! 10 NUGGETS OF WISDOM, how to improve your health, love your life and encourage your independence with the help of Feng Shui – all you need is THIS one thing!

NordenBladet – Several of you have asked yourself: “How to become happy?”, “How to relieve stress?”, “How to come out of depression?”, “How to become independent?”, “How to bring joy to your life?”, “What to do to avoid depression?” etc.

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A terrible mistake which many mothers do while putting their baby to sleep

NordenBladet – Many researches have shown that many young mothers make a dangerous mistake while putting their baby to sleep, which can put the baby’s life in danger. A number of parents have no clue that putting the baby to

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Preparing children in a risky world

OHMYGOSSIP — The news is full of children getting caught up in adult situations they can’t handle. We hear of children being lured by predators, children hurting one another, committing grave acts of violence and bullying.

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Top 8 helpful home safety tips for kids

OHMYGOSSIP — Kids at home? Well, there is going to be a lot of jumping here and there, a lot of waste generated, a lot of falling down. Being a parent, there are some safety measures you should undertake so

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Daily challenges only working moms can really appreciate

1. You’ve typically accomplished 25 things before 7:30 AM. You’ve changed 1-2 diapers, brushed multiple sets of teeth, made multiple meals, gotten multiple people dressed and watched at least one cartoon or episode of Sesame Street. You have no idea

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6 Ways youngsters enjoyed snow days 100 years ago

OHMYGOSSIP — Never take free time for granted. In the 1910s, when child labor was common, free time was a luxury many kids couldn’t afford. Yet, then as now, some much-needed recreation might be had on the occasional snow day.

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Early reading may build brain power

OHMYGOSSIP — Good early reading skills correlated with higher intelligence later. Genetics may not be the only factors that influence intelligence. Some environmental factors like reading may be able to boost general intelligence as well, new research suggests.

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Helena-Reet: I’m less judgmental than before I had kids

OHMYGOSSIP — Helena-Reet Ennet says there’s no rules when it comes to parenting. The entertainment journalist and Ohmygossip Couture designer raises daughters Estella Elisheva (9) and Ivanka Shoshana (7)  with CFO Margus Pärn. “I love being a mom,” she said.

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Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge wants more children

OHMYGOSSIP — The Duchess of Cambridge “won’t stop at two” babies according to her uncle Gary Goldsmith. The 33-year-old royal – who is expecting her second child with her husband Prince William any day now – is already keen to

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The basics on how to prepare a toddler for future school success

OHMYGOSSIP — I’ve been hearing so much about Common Core. Is there anything I can do now to prepare my toddler for school and these new standards?

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Helena-Reet tells parents receive one-sixtieth of prophecy when picking a name… what are your favourite baby names?

The entertainment journalist, blogger and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer Helena-Reet Ennet (32) tells naming of your kid is a charming thoughtful spiritual moment.

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