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GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT NEEDED? The best gift idea is Nordic handicraft! The luxurious Elisheva & Shoshana giftbox is now available with a discount!

NordenBladet – Holiday season is arriving soon and the gift sacks need to be filled. Yet what gift to make for the nearest and dearest? It can most certainly be the Nordic and handmade products! Elisheva & Shoshana’s this year’s

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SEE if you have enough self-love in your life

NordenBladet – Healthy, natural and harmonious self-love is the hallmark of a warm, pleasant and trustworthy person who can take equal care of themselves and their relationships with other people and the world, writes Hedvig Evert in her book “The

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8 GOOD TIPS on how to stimulate your creativity

NordenBladet – “I have no idea, I don’t know what to do.” — “I am not a creative person.” — “I cannot find a solution to this situation.” Does all that sound familiar? Absolutely. But the good news is that,

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FOUR REVOLUTIONARY discoveries about love or lack of it

NordenBladet – “Analyzing recent scientific discoveries, it can be said that love is the only medicine that heals. Researchers can confirm with certainty that life is not possible without love and that lack of love is the cause of all

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CHILDREN are our best teachers because they see the world more clearly than adults. How can you be as happy as a child?

NordenBladet – Today’s world and parenting standards strongly dictate how children should be raised, what standards should be followed, and what is “right” and what is “wrong.” Abnormalities are under immediate attention and are even being “treated” with pills. In

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HOW nalbinding from Scandinavia rose to glory and laid the foundations for today’s handicraft techniques

NordenBladet – Handicraft is no longer considered just a grandmother’s hobby. Among fashion gourmands, knitted, crocheted and embroidered items are highly priced, from sweaters to mittens. Also at fashion weeks you can see more and more knitted, embroidered and crocheted

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STUDY: Sleeping with your DOG in bed ensures better sleep

NordenBladet – Have you heard the saying that dogs don’t belong in bed? A recent Mayo Clinic study shows quite the opposite: sleeping with your dog is good for you. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the

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Plant these herbs in your garden and you will be worriless about mosquitos all summer + PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – Just now is the right time to begin with preparations in the garden – set ready the flowerbeds, grow the plants already in advance. Not a summer night goes by that wouldn’t bother us with the annoying gnats.

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Finnish gentleman discovers tick trap – during testing 100 ticks were collected in 15 minutes

NordenBladet – The Finnish fellow Reima grew tired of ticks and invented a smart tick trap. During testing within 15 minutes this trap attracted nearly 100 ticks and tick larvae. Reima Kutila developed a tick trap that from now on

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8 EXPERT ways to help any child get better sleep

NordenBladet – Up to 70% of children under age five have sleep problems. Sleep issues are complicated and have many causes. They’re hard to deal with because when children aren’t sleeping, parents aren’t sleeping, and that lack of sleep affects

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