Helena-Reet: A visit to Tempus centre Wittenstein in Paide wall tower and a celebration in Tainas Catering cafe

Helena-Reet: A visit to Tempus centre Wittenstein in Paide wall tower and a celebration in Tainas Catering cafe

NordenBladet – On Sunday, 10 January, we had a small road trip to Central Estonia. While restrictions related to Covid-19 risk prohibited any events and gatherings in Tallinn, we had been invited to a special birthday party in Paide. Firstly, a nice guided tour was organized in Paide Vallimäe fortress and the Time Centre Wittenstein located there (2.5hrs). We saw with our own eyes the perpetuum mobile and the time machine! How cool is that!!

The shell for the Wittenstein time centre time machine was an elevator, taking visitors from one epoch to another. On eight floors one could be introduced to ancient times, time of orders, epoch of kings and czars, old Estonian times, and regaining of independence time. In the centre’s tower there is yet also another time machine extra to the elevator! Namely, the world renown author of sci-fi novels Herbert George Wells spent a vacation in Jäneda in 1934, being driven to this country naturally due to love – towards Jäneda baroness Maria Zakrevskaya Benckendorff! Maria, mother of two, was the apple of Wells’ eye already since the year 1920 when they got acquainted in Russia. While the writer had a relation to the town of Paide, this also serves as the reason why the prototype of the time machine from H. G. Wells’ novel “Time Machine” (published 1895) is presented here, being displayed in full splendor in the hall of the cafe on the eighth floor! After the excursion we seated ourselves down in Tainas Catering cafe on Paide central square (Vee 1, 72713 Järva county). Yummi – good food and very nice atmosphere!

Earlier in my life I have just driven through Paide a couple of times, but now I feel that I would like to go back again some day. Certainly I will do that! I want to calmly walk in Paide old town, taste the food in several city centre cafes, take pictures of the streets and surrounding architecture, learn more about the regional history and perhaps even stay for the night in a local hotel or guest house. In small towns there is always that something which I wish to experience again and again! It seems not to be completely unmotivated that Paide is called the heart of Estonia. Besides being the hub of the country the over 700 year old town has an abundant history. By the way, the prominent composer Arvo Pärt comes from Paide, and Paide town is the host for Arvamusfestival (Viewpoint Festival), already held in the town for the eighth time. The Nordic small towns are so beautiful! My heart no doubt belongs to little places in the countryside, the homely villages, the thick Nordic forest and the local cultural milieu.

Also the heart of NordenBladet belongs to the Nordic countries, our mission is to strengthen and sustain the Nordic cultural heritage and to continue the millennia of traditions and values. My target is to build more new networks and design a better future for the people of the Nordic countries – day by day, post by post!

Below is a small gallery from the visit to Wittenstein time centre!

PS! Please take a look at this fierce tree stump! At first glance I considered it to be a rune mark, but such a rune mark does not exist. Maybe these are two married Laguzes? Do not know… It is a pity I didn’t ask, but let this remain to be solved during the next visit. Rune marks are under the umbrella of the Nordic magic domain. From seeing this, I got the idea and wish to do the same at home, to burn the compatible signs in my individual stumps. Perhaps already this summer?!

Be cool! Hugs!


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