Helena-Reet: Weekend in Viljandi (Estonia)

Helena-Reet: Weekend in Viljandi (Estonia)

NordenBladet – Last week turned out to accommodate quite a lot of activities – many things that were accomplished at home, also the clay workshop with Ivanka Shoshana and myself, the writing of a children’s book “His Majesty Mouse the First” (Chapter One is now ready!), working with NordenBladet, and I also commenced designing the poster for the upcoming exhibition of mine in the Estonian National Museum ERM. Never have I really calculated the hours, since giving up my home assistants, that are spent on duties for home (cleaning, sorting clothes, doing laundry, heating the rooms, clearing the road from snow, making dinner, doing the dishes, driving my kids to school and hobby schools, etc.), but the average daily time would be minimally ca 3-5 hours… During summertime, when I also work in the garden and in the green house, and mow the lawn, then the hourse are even more than that.

On the one hand this is really nice – I do enjoy doing all of it by myself (the wife really is the heart and soul of the home), yet on the other hand from time to time I feel more like a “cleaning lady, chauffeur, shiftman” instead of a business woman, artist, and journalist. Media channels – the directing of six-language NordenBladet and the editing work in OHMYGOSSIP entertainment site branch offices – consume an extreme amount of time and commitment, the Elisheva & Shoshana brand requires further development, and painting, ceramics, and authoring the book each take time. Ohhhhh…yeaaaah… sometimes I do not understand how on Earth for so many years I have coped all the work load and all the stress. Sometimes it seems I’ve had enough, but oftentimes I enjoy the hasty life and the fact that there are a million things piling up. Still, indeed, to be completely honest, I have slowed down a lot on the work end of the day since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, and should the initial working schedule be restored (frequent travelling, fairs, seminars, meetings etc.) then it would make a lot of sense to use external assistance once more.

On Wednesday I underwent a minor operation (I have nickel allergy and the blouse zipper or something similar irritated the body so that it needed immediate intervention). Cosmetically it is nothing to worry anymore, but in any case I take anti-inflammatory medication Duracef twice a day and spread Braunovidon on the wound. My parents took Ivanka Shoshana to their place for the weekend and for a change I decided to visit Viljandi. Estella Elisheva was quite happy to be left home alone… hahaa.

After a peaceful, long and pleasant breakfast I started off through Rapla and Türi towards Viljandi. I like antiquity stores, I almost always find something to purchase (be it an old blacksmith-candlestick, cast iron bowl, tablecloth with handmade embroidery, old silverware or a carafe). I looove to buy all kind of old crap 😀  In Rapla there is a nice antiquity shop “Station’s old stuff” (address: Viljandi Road 89) and near Türi central square, from the roundabout towards Pärnu-Rakvere-Sõmeru Road there is a stylish second hand shop, it is something like the third building to Viljandi direction. Those being browsed, I made a minor coffee break in Türi town Earl Dracula pub, and then departed towards Viljandi. in Viljandi I like the shop Friend to Friend (Kauba street 4). From there I almost always find a cool wooden bowl or copper container. And in Viljandi I always feel obliged to visit the Amrita Cafe (Tallinn Road 29a), since they have the world’s best pizza! (on the pictures below on the left hand side you can see Türi Earl Dracula pub and on the right hand side Viljandi Amrita Cafe).

After that I parked the car and took the luggage to Grand Hotel Viljandi (EVE Hotel). Viljandi has free parking everywhere… so great, I had already forgotten it meanwhile! From the hotel room window there was a view to the park in front of Tartu street, and next to it there was the beautiful Lossi street. I like Viljandi old town, but curiously the local people do not think much of it. Inhabitants of Viljandi prefer the suburbs where there are fewer tourists and more convenient parking. Currently the situation in the old town is nothing to boast about – every other shop is closed 🙁 On Friday I had a couple of meetings in the city centre but the rest of the day was spare time and I used it just for walking and enjoying the surrondings. I also paid a visit to Post street where the sculptor Mati Karmin has erected the infamous statue of singer Jaak Joala, also I read Sakala newspaper and towards the evening got a bottle of champagne from a nearby Coop grocery store and then back in the hotel the life on Earth seemed in full bloom!

PS! While pleasantly spending time in Viljandi, also a nice new business idea emerged in my head, and it seemed just as nice the next morning!! I am a non-exhausting idea generator, just can’t help it! Heh… so it seems my to-do list will be stretched again?!! 🙂

Until next time!! Hugs!


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