Helena-Reet: About April and the first springtime works in the garden + BIG GALLERY!

Helena-Reet: About April and the first springtime works in the garden + BIG GALLERY!

NordenBladet – April is so nice! It is already getting warmer (at least there is great hope!) and the garden as well as the house is full of (spring) flowers. I like when there are always flowers on the kitchen table, this creates an extra special warm home feeling and makes the eyes shine brighter every morning!

My breakfast favourites:

Whole wheat bread toast with salmon or trout (current top 3 favourites are Leibur’s 100% rye flour toast, Linseed whole wheat bread and Oat whole wheat bread), to which I add fresh salad leaf, dill, thyme, multigrain porridge and Löfbergs Lila coffee. I am testing out several butter products (more precisely margarine products), quite good examples are extra salty Keiju and Voimix. I drink my coffee mainly with Farmi full milk. Additionally, we are great fans of cottage cheese. We try out all products that are available on sale. Most of all, the kitchen table sees Coop cottage cheese, since this product has the best price in our most close to home grocery store. Also, I have a new favourite in my shopping list – Tere cheesecake flavoured glazed curd! My style of eating a glazed curd is such that I pour milk to a mug and then smash the curd in the milk. Then it becomes juicy and nice! Yummi!

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Also, for me the garden works have begun! When we leave aside raking the tree leaves, then I commenced the more important springtime works – I cut branches from the garden trees, and I also cut down ca eight of my buckthorn trees (the tools from Makita have been of great help here!), I fixed some of the flower beds, and planted a few lilies from the Netherlands, De Ree farm (Curitiba and Muscadet), some irises (Violet) and gladioli (Green Star and Sorpresa).

There is plenty of messing around with plants. For example, lilies will have to be coated with turf for the winter time, gladiolus flower bulbs must be dug out, dried, and maintained in a cool place until the coming spring time. In earlier times I was not fully aware of such conditions when completing the purchase, I put the plants in the ground and then wondered why in a year nothing continued to grow. Thus it is always clever to check out whether a plant is a perennial, if it is frost resistant (can be left in the ground over winter), and which type of place the plant prefers for its growth (cool, sunny, etc).

Irises, tulips and dandelions are therefore foolproof – minor effort input, and a yearly flower output is guaranteed.
I actually have in mind the creation of a very countryside style and simple garden. In the coming times I intend to bring in more of the meadow and forest flowers – primrose, forget-me-not, cornflower, daisy, lily-of-the-valley, heather, etc. I also very much like the wild (as well as ordinary) lavender and all kinds of herbs.

For me, soon the season of barefoot walking begins, and to celebrate that I have had an extra pink and shiny pedicure 🙂

Have a great spring!

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Photography: NordenBladet (Helena-Reet Ennet) ja NordenBladet (Ardo A).


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