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Helena-Reet: A meeting in Southern Estonia, a visit to Taagepera mansion and draining beauty from Helme sacrificial spring + GALLERY!

NordenBladet – In the summertime it is pleasant to work outside the office and that is why I scheduled the meetings to South-Estonia, to combine work with a little trip. NordenBladet closely collaborates with various tourism bureaus and tourism service

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Helena-Reet: Sometimes I play with the idea of buying a manor house

NordenBladet – I have this odd connection with manor houses, a strange mixed feeling of affection and awe. It pleases me when history is remembered and appreciated and historical monuments are restored, yet I do not like that many of

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Helena-Reet: by those METHODS I have gained over 5 MILLION followers and more than 350,000 readers per day

NordenBladet – When speaking about webpages, the first question that pops into people’s mind is “How many unique readers do you have?”. Me and my Estonian, Scandinavian, American and Brazilian webpages are no exception to this rule. I answer almost

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Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol5) – A broken tire, Marilyn Kerro, Hans H. Luik and consultation with Rabbi

NordenBladet – Obviously I am already compiling a novel based on my 24-hour mini-holiday trip to Viljandi (Estonia). This is volume 5 – and I gather this is rather odd! How long am I to continue telling you what I

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Helena-Reet: Growing, collecting and drying herbs for the winter + a LITTLE guide to the effect of various herbal teas!

NordenBladet – During the summer I eagerly make preparations for the winter. I prefer to drink only those herbal teas that I myself have grown, collected and dried. Those have a special power in them. For example, when during summer

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Helena-Reet: Do people say bad things about the people who they are similar to? (in my case, president T.H. Ilves’s case)

NordenBladet – Do people say often bad things about these people who they are actually similar to (or maybe they would like to be similar to)? Is it a reaction caused by subconscious behavior or is it a denial of

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Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol4) – Visiting lake Võrtsjärv, Paistu Cemetery and Männiku Metsatalu in Intsu village

NordenBladet – Days are quickly dashing by and for a while now I have been back from the two-day vacation, doing this and that in my garden and proceeding with other daily duties. Yet the trip to Viljandi a week

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Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol3): Holstre, Mustla and meeting the creature/ghost

NordenBladet – It is unbelievable that there may be so many emotions in a single day! A brief trip to Viljandi seems like a trip to outer space – bringing along so many emotions, so many discoveries, so many great

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Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol 2) – Ruudiküla in Viljandi (Estonia)

NordenBladet – It is 8 km from Viljandi to Ruudiküla and somewhere in the middle there should be the notorious Ärma. It may be that my exact data concerning this place are somewhat insufficient, and yet, to be honest with

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Helena-Reet: Vacation (vol1) – on my way to Viljandi (Estonia)

NordenBladet – Tuesday morning at 9.00 I carried the bucket, watering can and some other articles in the car and started off to Viljandi. The bucket and watering can were there since I intended to do some tidy up at

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Helena-Reet: Now I’m telling you something unexpected…

NordenBladet – I have been working so endlessly that everything inside is turning – at times night and day get mixed up. My last vacation was 4 days back in November 2016 when I took some OHMYGOSSIP team members, networking

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Helena-Reet: Bread without leaven, Dance Festival and more about the consumer society

NordenBladet – Yesterday I wrote on my blog that I value simplicity and nature more and more. I feel that at one point our current consumer society is about to collapse – people will simply fall ill. Õismäe silver willow

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Helena-Reet: Why I wish to live in the countryside and why glamor is out and nature in!

NordenBladet – Despite the fact that I live 15km from the town, in the little Murimäe village, where you can count the houses with both hand fingers, where a view from the window behind and in front of the house

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Helena-Reet: Questions & Answers – What were the 2016 developments on the OHMYGOSSIP scene and what did the previous year reveal for me?

OHMYGOSSIP – Regarding the OHMYGOSSIP streamsphere – the year 2016 has been overwhelming, and definitely there has been versatile improvement concerning various crucial parameters as compared to 2015. The utmost success indicator from life’s journey through 2016 has been the

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Helena-Reet: OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand

OHMYGOSSIP – OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand and a company, which is well known in Estonia, Finland, America and Brazil. I am actually quite proud to put up a brand like these apart from having children. I have been

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The firewood, nice weather and gardening have arrived

OHMYGOSSIP – The winter is over and the weather just keeps getting better – it’s time to get started with gardening chores. I ordered 8 rooms of wood and now it’s time to pile them up. I order unpiled firewood

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