Helena-Reet: Ivanka Shoshana’s birthday morning + in Tallinn Viru Centre and FAFA´S with Estella Elisheva

Helena-Reet: Ivanka Shoshana’s birthday morning + in Tallinn Viru Centre and FAFA´S with Estella Elisheva

NordenBladet – Ivanka Shoshana became 10 years old today and finally was able to get the presents she had been waiting for (see HERE). Since she had been so keenly looking forward to receiving them and had reminded me every day about her birthday wish then she announced already yesterday that she won’t be going to school today, Wednesday. In the morning I baked rhubarb cake and we woke her with the birthday song. As soon as she had glanced at the presents she began playing with them. It is indeed a fierce doll – it can talk, weep, move the lips, etc. Ivanka is now like a little mommy – cares for it, sweeps the tears, blows the nose, cuddles, etc. She was really excited to get the presents and then I, too, were happy 🙂

Estella Elisheva gave an interview today after school to the Russian media. They are reflecting her success at the violin playing contest (see HERE), she is now officially the third best violinist in Estonia! So cool! I went to meet her after school and while it weren’t a day for training or violin because she was going to compete in cycling in the evening (she does the mountain bike, or I do not know the exact namer for that), then we decided that we head to Viru Centre. I wanted to visit the book store as I had some Viru Centre gift cards, and we thought that we also have a look at the new greatly praised vegan restaurant FAFA’S that was open in mid April on the 1st floor in Viru Centre (next to Amarillo’s). It is an original place since it has three different menus – something for vegans, for vegetarians, and even a selection of meat (chicken, kebab). Though it is not a kosher restaurant they offer a fine menu of delightful Jewish dishes. You can find the following exotic tastes from the menu: tabbouleh, hummus, matbukha, tzatziki, aubergine, tahini, pesto, just to mention a few.

I ordered Kebab Meze salad (recipe: tabbouleh, hummus, matbukha, aubergine, tahini, valaffel, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, rucola, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice and pita) – the price 9.90EUR, Estella Elisheva chose Fafa’s chicken (ingredients: tzatziki, matbukha, aubergine, tomato, cucumber, tabbouleh, salad, parsley, pita) – the price 8.90EUR and then we also took French fries for two with matbukha for 2EUR and water 2EUR and lemonade 4EUR. What large platefuls and how pleasant tasting! Yummm…


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