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Helena-Reet: Ivanka Shoshana’s birthday morning + in Tallinn Viru Centre and FAFA´S with Estella Elisheva

NordenBladet – Ivanka Shoshana became 10 years old today and finally was able to get the presents she had been waiting for (see HERE). Since she had been so keenly looking forward to receiving them and had reminded me every

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Helena-Reet Ennet: It’s important to cultivate a personal life that makes you just as happy as your professional life

OHMYGOSSIP – Helena-Reet Ennet (39) thinks it’s important to have hobbies. The NordenBladet sites (Nordic News Service) owner insists her career will never rule her life.

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Helena-Reet: THE DAY full of handicraft with my daughter Ivanka Shoshana! Two knit bon-bon hats, paintings and an important information: “Mummy is fat and daddy is tall”

NordenBladet – This morning Ivanka Shoshana (9) decided that she did not want to go to school and I did not force her to go. So, she stayed at home and I instead of making news have practised crafts since

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Preparations for the girls’ birthdays (Estella Elisheva’s Bat Mitzvah this year!) and a peaceful weekend

NordenBladet – Children grow very fast (it also means that I am getting older as fast… it is awful!) My older daughter Estella Elisheva will turn 12 on the 16th of May, this is one of the most important days

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Helena-Reet: Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) brand development and interview for Buduaar

NordenBladet – On December 7, I wrote on my Facebook page that I am looking for an investor and co-partner of the Elisheva & Shoshana (E&S) brand, which I created a long time ago. I crated the Elisheva & Shoshana

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Helena-Reet: My dreams & wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic (Vol 2)

NordenBladet – In my first blog post reflecting my dreams and wishes (My dreams and wishes – workable, unobtainable and completely unrealistic -Vol 1) I revealed one of my biggest dreams that is actually already coming true – to be

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Helena-Reet is one of the key persons behind Donald Trump´s successful presidential campaign

OHMYGOSSIP – Billionaire Donald Trump is an American businessman, politician and television personality who is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for president of the United States in 2016, having won the most state primaries and caucuses and delegates

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Helena-Reet wants to be friends with her daughters

OHMYGOSSIP — Helena-Reet Ennet (34) plans to be her kids’ friend when they grow up. The entertainment journalist and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer — who raises two kids Estella Elisheva (6) and Ivanka Shoshana (4) with Margus Pärn –  is

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Helena-Reet Ennet gushes about her amazing relationship

Helena-Reet Ennet thinks her relationship with Margus Pärn is strong because they are opposites.

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Helena-Reet: I don’t think anyone escapes life without some crazy fashion disasters

The Estonian journalist and businesswoman – who appears as a contestant on TV show ‘Survivor’ –  launched last year her second fashion venture Ohmygossip Couture “Life is beautiful” and says she will be ecstatic if she sees someone wearing one

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Helena-Reet tells parents receive one-sixtieth of prophecy when picking a name… what are your favourite baby names?

The entertainment journalist, blogger and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer Helena-Reet Ennet (32) tells naming of your kid is a charming thoughtful spiritual moment.

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Helena-Reet says motherhood forces her to go to bed early

Helena-Reet Ennet (32) says becoming a mom has forced her to stop “being a vampire”. The Hollywood entertainment journalist and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer — who raises daughters Estella Elisheva, 5, and Ivanka Shoshana, 3, with partner Margus Pärn —

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Helena-Reet Ennet spends $2,000 on candles!

Helena-Reet Ennet infuriated her partner by spending $2,000 on candles.

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Helena-Reet: I love smooth sailing – no big ups, no big downs!

Helena-Reet‘s dream is to have happy kids. Despite her successful career, the journalist, entertainer and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer says the most important wish in her life is for her four-year-old daughter Estella Elisheva and two-year-old daughter Ivanka Shoshana —

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Helena-Reet likes to go natural

Helena-Reet Ennet (32) likes to be natural. The entertainer, Ohmygossip Couture brand developer and journalist says she has no problem seeing photographs of herself without make-up on.

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Helena-Reet: Coffee is like a fresh start in a cup

Helena-Reet Ennet says coffee helps her beat stress and it’s like a fresh start in a cup. The entertainment journalist and Ohmygossip Couture brand developer avoids clashes with her daughters Estella Elisheva (4) and Ivanka Shoshana (2) by hinting at

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