Helena-Reet: With children on a road trip around Finland (VOL3: Vaasa – ruins of Korsholm castle, Mannerheim, Airbnb renthouse etc) + PHOTOS!

Helena-Reet: With children on a road trip around Finland (VOL3: Vaasa – ruins of Korsholm castle, Mannerheim, Airbnb renthouse etc) + PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – After the exciting morning in Tampere (read about it HERE) we started off towards Vaasa. It is ca 260 km from Tampere to Vaasa. Most of the distance I covered on E12 road yet here and there we turned off from the main road to see the around. On our route we crossed Teivo, Ylojärvi, Rakkakoski, Kalalahti, Hämeenkyrö, Kyrökoski, Järvenkylä, Kostula, Jouti, Kilvakkala, Mansoniemi, Riitiala, Parkano, Jalasjärvi, Jokipii, Luopa, Kurikka, Tuiskula, Koskenkorva, Jakkula, Laihia, Helsingby and Runsor.

In about two hours time we took a small lunchbreak on the way and then headed on again. While many people have asked about the gas prices and the road taxes, then I will add these here. Petrol E95 costs ca 1.56 eur in Finland, E98 1.64 and diesel 1.45 – these are Neste prices. The tariffs may vary a bit from station to station but in general these were the prices almost everywhere. There is no need to worry about being trapped on a road – there are plenty of petrol stations on the roads and most of them enable self service (you pay with the card and fuel. To my knowledge there are no road taxes in Finland, at least on our trip around Finland we never crossed a fee based road and we did travel numerous large highways, smaller roads and village roads. However, there were many speed controlling cameras.

Vaasa is a town on Finland’s west coast in Pohjanmaa county, the narrow part of Merenkurkku (Kvarken) where Finland and Sweden are separated by a mere 80 km. About a quarter of the population are Finnish Swedes. It is a pleasant seaside industry and university town. I really like Finland’s west coast, there is plenty to see and visit. The history of Old Vaasa dates back to the 14th century. Ca 4 km from the current city centre of Vaasa there are the Old Vaasa ruins (Kauppiaankatu 5, 65380 Vaasa). There is also the castle of Korsholm that apparently belonged to a wealthy Swedish politician and magnate Bo Johnsson Grip.


The best known sightseeing in Vaasa is the Statue of Liberty, 14 m high and weighing 3.6 tons, located in Vaasa market square (Hovioikeudenpuistikko 15, 65100 Vaasa), created by the sculptors Yrjo Liipolan and Jussi Mäntysen. The statue also depicts the 30-year-old Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim that studied in St Petersburg military school and served in the Russian army and who has been featured in history books as Finland’s most famous commander and statesman, the commander-in-chief in three wars and a two-time statesman. Mannerheim is the man who not only conquered back the territories lost by Moscow peace treaty but who also led the white army in Finland’s Civil War and all of Finland’s armed forces in Winter War and had the greatest merits in maintaining Finland’s independence.

The Nordic countries have such beautiful old towns! I like the historical market places and central squares, houses with beautiful architecture, cobble-stone pavements in the old town. There is history in every step. We took photos and Estella Elisheva posted to her friends the live-videos in her Insta story (@estella.elisheva) as well as Snapchat. During the entire journey we posted live also to my Instagram account (@helenareetennet). It was so sweet that whenever there was a longer pause, the acquaintances started inquiring by phone: Where are you? Is everything alright? etc… 🙂


Then we went shopping and I bought something to eat for dinner. I had booked a lake house via Airbnb about 20-30 km in the direction of Oulu in Vöyri and we decided to cook at home. While staying in the hotel we usually eat out or dine in the hotel restaurant. For me finding accommodation via Airbnb was something new, earlier i had just once stayed in Israel but then there were many people in a room and it was arranged by someone else. So for me it was a new experience and I was quite happy about it.

Should anybody wish for purchasing a luxurious summer house in Finland then it is definitely worth considering the surroundings in Vöyri. Maxmo, Tottesund, Brudsund, Särkimö, Österö, Oxkangar, Ulot, Kvimo, Lilloxkangar, Kaitsor, etc… Overall, the region on the banks from E8 towards the Gulf of Botnia is simply wonderful!






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