Helena-Reet: With children on a road trip around Finland (VOL6 – Levi Hotel SPA in Sirkka, restaurant Kekäle, magnificent nature, ski slopes, etc) + MANY PHOTOS!

Helena-Reet: With children on a road trip around Finland (VOL6 – Levi Hotel SPA in Sirkka, restaurant Kekäle, magnificent nature, ski slopes, etc) + MANY PHOTOS!

NordenBladet – Our grand road trip had already taken us quite far North and as I described in the previous post (read blog review HERE), the more up North, the more miraculous Finland gets. The road between Kolari-Kittilä was like a fairy-tale – there were reindeer on the sides of the road and even by the highway. Me and the kids would go Ah and Oh every kilometre that we passed. It was a very special feeling. Besides, there are quite few inhabitants there and also wild nature, which I like.

Since I didn’t dare to speed to avoid running over any reindeer, and since we also stopped at every possible stump to take pictures, then getting from Oulu via Kolari to Sirkka took us extremely long. Once we arrived it was already eight o’clock and I was quite tired from driving. Before starting the road trip I had done my homework well and had thoroughly calculated where to stay overnight in order to get the most out of our journey. In northern Finland in Sirkka the choice was Levi Hotel SPA (Levintie 1590, 99130 Sirkka, Finland) – while with children it is the most comfortable place to stay – good location, parking is free of charge, a quality hotel, luxury rooms, good standard of service, a selection of many good hotel restaurants, SPA and pool center, short distance by foot to everywhere (i.e. ski slopes, souvenir shops). Briefly, it was everything you could need in just one place. Our stay there was made especially pleasant by the fact that extra to our Superior-room an interconnected Junior-suite was also added, thus we had two separate bedrooms all in all, two separate bathrooms, a living room, a sauna section, two balconies and further amenities (three big flat screen TV-sets, safe deposit box, ironing board, an iron, clothes dryer, WiFi, slippers, dressing gowns, etc). For children there were gift baskets with handmade chocolate, lemonade and candies, also stuffed toys and in our room awaiting us there were complimentary invitations for three guests to the restaurant Kekäle (the newest and most popular top notch restaurant in Levi), as well as a welcome note from the hotel manager. On top of that, the hotel governor personally was there to meet and welcome us! I am so deeply moved to see that NordenBladet is so cordially and personally hosted – it gives a warm feeling! Thank you for the wonderful surprise and remembrance!

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When you’re in Lapland , choose hotel with Finnish sauna ??‍♀️ ☺️ We stay at two bedroom + large living room hotel + three bathroom + sauna and private bar suite at Levi Hotel Spa (@levihotelspa) and can not be happier with our choice… such a lovely place! #levihotelspa #levifinland #sirkka #northfinland #lappi #lapland #visitlapland #luxuryhotel #richkidsofinstagram #luxuryhotels #qualityvacation #nordicvacation #nordicholidays #nordicblogger #nordicbloggers #arcticbloggers #arcticholidays #lovelapland #reseblogg #levilapland #teenbloggers #teeninfluencer #teeninfluencers #richteens #resebloggare #levintie #luxuryinlapland #OHMYGOSSIPteen #EstellaElisheva #NordenBladet

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When we had got acquainted with all the rooms and additional space, we decided to visit the Levi SPA that was integrated with the hotel. Although the SPA and the hotel are technically in different buildings, one can enter the SPA from the hotel through a hallway without necessarily going outside. It is a pleasant large SPA and I liked that there were cool sliding tubes and yet they were not dangerous – either with too rapid water flow or the risk of falling into the water from too high. As a mother it made me feel much more at ease.

Now being a Finnish “SPA expert” I can say that to my mind it is the best SPA in Finland – if not top 1 then at least among top 3 for sure. Pleasant warm water, several different pools, saunas, two large sets of pools inside and also a set of pools outside where there is also a Jacuzzi. Besides, there is also the magnificent mountain view!

After going to the SPA I worked a while behind the blue screen, Ivanka Shoshana spread her toys in the living room and played with them, and Estella Elisheva was busy with our social media. We live-streamed in Instagram (@helenareetennet) the entire trip around Finland that took place in October-November and today it is possible to read about the journey online in four languages – in Estonian (, in English (, in Finnish ( and in Swedish ( In the travel posts I describe where exactly we travelled and I share useful information and interesting facts about various destinations in Finland – fervent tourism objects, undiscovered pearls, premium hotels, top notch retaurants, SPA-s, adventure parks, zoos, shops, department stores, historical places, holiday resorts, etc. Altogether, a lot of interesting information! The reader of NordenBladet is a 45+ wealthy Scandinavian woman with children and in our portals daily tens of thousands of search events take place regarding travel destinations and tourism. NordenBladet has become the largest media edition in Scandinavia offering information, articles and weblinks about the Northern countries.

Located 17 km from Kittilä center and the airport, the holiday destination and active sports centre Levi has for more than four times been announced as the best ski resort in Finland, and indeed, it is a magical and beautiful place, perfect for spending the holiday with family. Bearing the badge of Scandinavian safety and comfort, the beauty of Nordic forests, the mystical aspect and the beauty of the nature, the care and cordial attitude specific to a smaller place. While many people visit Levi during the winter months – because nowhere else can you find so much snow and fierce skiing mountains as here – then I would actually venture to assert that it is no less an impression and experience that you get here visiting the place in spring-autumn as well as during the summer months. The wonderful forests-mountains and hiking tracks, cute log houses and peaceful holiday village, golf courts, reindeer and the Nordic air of mystery on every step – not to mention the Nordic lights that can best be seen exactly in this region! Despite being in the far North, in Lapland no less than top quality service awaits you, accompanied by the crop-of-the-cream restaurants, enormous SPA and, again, quality. By the way, not far from the place stems the lineage of the famous Lapland witch – Näkkälän noita, whose powers are well known around Scandinavia. According to folk wisdom the witch draws the powers and energy from the forests in Levi neighborhood.

Breakfast done, we decided to go and see the town. There is a lot to discover in Levi, I intend to post a separate story about it, yet I will add a brief outline piece here as well. For travellers with cars (like us) it is especially nice to discover Levi, since one can swiftly and smoothly drive through the entire neighborhood. Yet also the pedestrian-travellers’ outlook is not narrowed down too much, for example it is easy to reach any nearby destination on foot from Levi SPA Hotel. Levi Express Gondol can take you uphill to visit Samiland Exhibition – both the journey uphill as well as the exhibition itself amount to a full impression. Address Tunturitie 205, 99130 Levi. Levin Lapinkylä (Isotaalontie 285), 12km from Levi towards Rovaniemi is a fun village composed of igloos, and one can also see reindeer there. A popular place is Harjatie 2 (8,5km up North from Levi) Sky restaurant and Levi Igloo. During winter time in Akantie 180 (7km from Levi) the Levi Ice Gallery and Ice Restaurant of Levi are open.


We spent two wonderful days in Levi, and two even more delightful evenings. Each day we went to the SPA and got to know the town. It was so relaxing and great that we would have stayed even longer. The highlight of the second night was the dinner in Kekäle restaurant. Three courses of the world’s top food in the cosy milieu of the modern beautiful freshly renovated restaurant! Yammmmmm… The meals were absolutely delicious and were wonderfully served (see photos and videos also from Insta!). Children were overwhelmed about Levi, Estella Elisheva even declared that she is determined to become rich as a grown-up, since rich folks have such great life. Travelling and getting to know new great places is really cool, especially when you can take time to enjoy it. The one who can notice and be glad about the small things is about to experience so much in life! It definitely pays off to be rich, yet wealth can also be a mindset, a lifestyle and an attitude that originates in our heads.

Next day greeted us with the journey to Rovaniemi. That is already the story for the new post.


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