Helena-Reet: Don’t be scared when facing the fact that you wish to build a billion euro entreprise but lack even a spare million – THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY IN THE WORLD!

Helena-Reet: Don’t be scared when facing the fact that you wish to build a billion euro entreprise but lack even a spare million – THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY IN THE WORLD!

NordenBladet – The so to say middle class constantly lives in a state of waiting, in the hope that an external power will arrive and save them and fullfil their wishes and dreams. They expect that there will be a lottery prize and magically the worries would disappear. Unluckily the reality is somewhat different. Those will win that will make the effort.

The lower class and the middle class operate on a level of consciousness that favors awaiting the passive advancement of life. A hero to save them is perhaps God, the government, their employer or their spouse. The thought patterns of a common agent cultivate such an approach.

During my life I have founded many successful enterprises just as well as I have repeatedly completely burned out, been bankrupt and got back to square one. To be absolutely honest, it is more of the complete disaster than the success that I have experienced, but… as I am not a loser type of person then I wish to share my lessons with you – those beneficial and didactic experiences that have accompanied me towards the goal and towards the breakthrough.

Here are my 9 recommendations that you grand projects might become a success:

– THE CRUCIAL POINT: make sure that the project that you wish to carry out is instructive and helpful-beneficial for the earth-humanity, that you would grow as a person while working on it
– Your great idea will lack weight if you do not carry it out. It is always many times more difficult to carry out the ideas that to invent them.
– Talk about your idea, advertise it (don’t worry that it could be stolen, since as I mentioned in the previous point, it is more difficult to carry out than to come up with the idea. A good idea is the one that goes hand in hand with a vision about how to carry it out.
– Don’t chicken out before the fact that you intend to build a billion euro enterprise and you lack a million euros of spare money. There is a lot of money in the world.
– Be consistent and confident. If you have faith in your project then do everything necessary to accomplish it.
– Do not rely on debt while building your enterprise. The more organic the growth of your enterprise, the more peaceful your sleep during the night and the less your plan will suffer during economic crises.
– Find allies and business partners.
– Give back to the world… it is only worth doing what is good! When the people and the society do not grow and develop, then the plan is not sustainable. Should you wish to accomplish something really big then keep in mind that big action begins with little changes. You can be the one that brings the ends of the chain together.
– Do not mind losing, don’t be scared that you could be laughed at. There is always a flock of seagulls shrieking near big boats. It can happen that once in a while a boat will sink, set your mind at peace with this. If you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

Several times I have held workshops in Sweden in English language on the topic: “How to be visible in social media, how to break through and earn from that” and “How to achieve success, join elitist circles and find investors for your million euro business plans!” From the content of the latter conference-training I have also produced a synopsis to the English-based site of NordenBladet.com, see HERE. I promise to translate the post also to Estonian, Finnish, and Swedish languages soon, so that all who are interested would have the opportunity to read. People’s interest in such topics have enormous and those classes and brainstorming were extremely successful and out of them grew the idea to create a private training-schooling entreprise and business school. The concept itself would be simple – to pass forward the knowledge and include other experts from the field. I am saying this honestly, that I do not feel that I am as wise or successful as some of you may think about me. Whenever this is of help, motivation and courage, then I believe that the plan might even be of effect. For sure, I would need a partner or partners for this project, since my top priority is always home, then media, then my hobbies and art, and only after that the so to say extra hobbies and new projects. 🙂

Helena-Reet’s 9 recommendations for your great projects to suceed, as summarized from the blog: “Helena-Reet: My pattern – big plans succeed, smaller plans fail + 9 RECOMMENDATIONS so that your big projects could be a success!


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